spring spacers

  1. Connorham

    Who's using rear Slee spring spacers??

    I put on Slee's 30mm rear spring spacers about 3 weeks ago. Trucks looks great but am getting clanking at slow speeds in parking lots/streets and what not. It rides fine at higher speeds. DISCLAIMER: they were NOT installed by Slee. At first I was thinking it was the rear springs not being...
  2. V

    Wanted  Metal tech 1.5 or 2 inch spacers

    If you want to let go of your MT spacer, please let me know. Thanks!
  3. Hollywood

    72 fj40 front spring Question....

    Has anyone run into this problem and come up with a easy remedy? Have new old man front springs with centering/locating pins installed as part of the springs which is long enough to fit into the hole in the spring perch to keep the front axle housing from shifting for and aft in rough...
  4. FxFormat

    Wanted  100 Series 30mm rear coil spring spacers

    If you have a set that you are getting rid of because you're doing a real lift kit, lmk. Thank you i'm located in northern VA
  5. T

    Wanted  80/100 Series 30mm Rear Spring Spacers

    NO LONGER LOOKING, thanks! Looking for a pair of rear spring spacers. Don't mind if they are used if they are still in good shape. Let me know! Thanks! Looking for the Slee or Ironman spacers or the likes. Not interested in the cheaper Mr. Gasket rubber spacers.

    Coil spring spacers

    Polyurethane coil spring spacers. 30mm front and rears for 80, 100, 200 J Tough Dog Coil Spring Spacers
  7. 1973Guppie

    For Sale  80 Series spring spacers

    I have a set of 4 used spring spacers for sale. 2 for the front and 2 rear. 1 inch spacers. 80 Series Coil Spring Spacers - Man-A-Fre $65 shipped CONUS, $50 local pickup
  8. bwell

    For Sale  Sold -80 series 100 series TJM 30mm rear coil spring spacers

    One set of TJM 30mm coil spring spacers for the rear of 80/100 series springs. They're black urathane I believe. Used for 1.5 years. $50 shipped in lower 48, or best offer. Thanks.
  9. Velogas

    Wanted  100 series rear spring spacers

    Anyone have some they have removed after installing new springs? Thanks
  10. baldilocks

    Wanted  MT 1.5" or 2.0" front spring spacers

    Info is in the title. I'm willing to try either size spacer if the price is right. Thanks
  11. Shooter307

    For Sale  Rear Long Travel Shocks, 30mm Rear Spring Spacers. For FZJ80

    I have a pair of used but good condition Doetsch Tech prerunner 8000 shocks. Stem/Eye mounting. - Model 8350: 26.50" extended 15.50" Compressed, Basically OME longs. - ~7,000 miles on them, just missing the 3/4" lower eye bushings to fit to our landcruisers. $60 for the pair buyer pays...
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