1. C

    2nd Gen Ball Joint spacers and rear suspension

    Hello everyone, I am new to this website I was sent here to ask some questions about coil spring upgrades to a 94' 4Runner. I plan on doing Ball Joint spacers on my rig 1.5" in the front, the problem I am running into is what to do for the back end of the vehicle. I have heard many options...
  2. M

    For Sale 100 Series Wheel Spacers BORA Wheel Adapters

    I got these from @chudly and they are just a little too wide for my application (stock height LT265/70r18) - actually they look great, but i'm getting some rub on the back of the front wheel well and i'm not sure i want to cut any of that plastic...I'll get some 1.25" after I sell these...
  3. Cola

    For Sale 100 Series Slee Spidertrax spacers

    SOLD Have front and rear spidertrax spacers for sale. Just received them but decided to get new wheels instead. Will fit 100 and 200 Series LCs. I will ship via USPS priority flat rate mail from 32205. 250 shipped.
  4. sunrk

    Spacers for body of Aisin part-time hub when using later (longer) CV's aka Birfields

    Dunno if anyone's done this, but when you fit later CV's (the longer ones) [what you guys call 'Birfields'] on a part-time 4wd 80 with Aisin hubs the shafts of the CV's take up all the space inside the back of the hub (once new snap-ring grooves have been cut to correct the CV position) and I've...
  5. OffRoadScott

    850J questions

    Okay so after a lot of research my brain is dead trying to figure this out on my own. Currently, I have the OME 2.5 medium-lift with the 851 springs in the front. Plans have a front bumper, winch in the future. Would the 850J be too much after the added weight, would the front still sit...
  6. Connorham

    Slee 30mm Spring Spacer Install

    I recently had Slee 30mm rear spacers put in. They were installed by my "normal" mechanic. (just a NAPA guy). All looked good and road well at speed. BUT going slow over bumps it feels TERRIBLE; even small ones. It feels like they are not attached to the frame, makes a knocking sounds and...
  7. hamishpotter

    King / OME / coil spacer vibes issues

    Pardon everyone for posting this on the Compiled Suspension spec thread earlier. I recently picked up a set of King 2.5 resi adjustable shocks for 0-2" lift for my 80 as well as 2.5" caster plates from Wits' End and new OEM bushings for the control arms. I'm on OME medium springs (~ 2.5" lift)...
  8. dubyahard

    Meddling with an AHC lift

    This weekend I was finally able to tackle my AHC lift using @DirtDawg 's documented method here: 2-2.5" AHC Lift Using King Coils & Shock Spacers Great instructions and a little assistance from him made the install pretty easy, done by myself, over 4ish hours on Friday afternoon/evening. I...
  9. perrobravo

    For Sale San Diego Random Parts for Beer/Cash

    Doing a bit of spring cleaning and have a random collection of parts I'm hoping to find good homes for. I'd prefer not to ship (mostly out of laziness) so am hoping for a local San Diego sale/trade for qualified local beers*. Item 1: 80 series OEM bumper fog light grill inserts, $5 or beer...
  10. RFB


    SOLD I have a set(4) of Spidertrax spacers new in boxes I got from Slee, these are for an 80.lx450 they wont work wth the rims Im running so instead of sending them back to Slee Im selling them here they were 226. with shipping Im giving them away for 170.00 ship ping inc to lower 48 states.
  11. A

    Shock Length and Lift Spacers

    Hey guys. Currently running OME 2.5" springs with Fox IFP for a 1.5-2.5" lift. I am currently on some pretty bald 315/75r16 Duratracs that I basically just wanted to try out although I have a set of pretty fresh 285/75r16 Duratracs in my garage. I am contemplating a couple different setups...
  12. Rover 4

    For Sale 2004 Discovery II 2" body spacers with bolts

    selling a set of 2" spacers from my 2004 LR Discovery II, see photo, $50 plus shipping. Includes 4 spacers and bolts only. You will need to purchase nuts for the grade 8 hardware.
  13. Connorham

    T-Bars/Spacer Lift Questions/Pics

    I have a 2002 LC with 211,XXX miles. All stock except for 285/75 BFG KO2. Been a great tire. I am needing a new suspension. I drive 95% On Road as it is my DD. I also really like the stance of a modestly lifted 100. I am looking to replace my shocks with OEM from Toyota, put a spacer in the...
  14. T

    For Sale 10mm Wheel Spacers - 100 Series

    New in box, never mounted, Motorsport Tech wheel spacers for 100 series front hubs. 10mm thick 5x150 bolt pattern in ALUMINUM. Commonly used to allow fitment of rock warrior or similar aftermarket wheels. I bought for this reason, but have since sold the wheels. I paid $95 with shipping and...
  15. 9

    Wanted 1.25" Front spacer for 100

    Hi, looking to buy a set of spacers for the front of my LC100. Let me know what you have and price shipped to N. California. Thank you
  16. R

    Rims, spacers and tires help

    Ok, couple questions: I have a three inch lift already and my goal is a new set of rims with 33" tires. Most the wheels I am seeing are 5 lug patterns. I've seen a lot of older posts that say I shouldn't get 6 lug to 5 lug spacers. Is this still true? If not, what size (width) spacers should I...
  17. FxFormat

    Wanted 100 Series 30mm rear coil spring spacers

    If you have a set that you are getting rid of because you're doing a real lift kit, lmk. Thank you i'm located in northern VA
  18. murf

    wtb: 30mm (1.18") 80 series front coil spacers

    wtb: 30mm (1.18") 80 series front coil spacers Pm me if you have some you want to sell thank you murf
  19. L

    Anyone run TRD pro 18" wheels and 1.25"spacers?

    2013 LX - I have the TRD wheels and love the look and 18" tire, but the wheels are inset quite a bit due to the different offset from factory wheels. Also the truck seems to lean a lot more with the inset 18s. Anyone run the 1.25" spidertrax spacers with this wheel? I'm curious if wheels fit...
  20. T

    Wanted 80/100 Series 30mm Rear Spring Spacers

    NO LONGER LOOKING, thanks! Looking for a pair of rear spring spacers. Don't mind if they are used if they are still in good shape. Let me know! Thanks! Looking for the Slee or Ironman spacers or the likes. Not interested in the cheaper Mr. Gasket rubber spacers.
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