1. 65FJ45

    Parting Out LONG LIST 40-55-60-62 so-cal

    Im looking for fair offers and like to make bigger deals ask questions about condition or details on forum negotiate price by PM - thanks VIEW SOME PHOTOS HERE LONG LIST _ LAND CRUISER PARTS _ FJ40_FJ55_FJ60_FJ62_BJ40 60 and 62 parts may interchange - 62 passenger rear cargo glass 62...
  2. LandoCalruiser

    Trade My clean locked semi-built 80 For Your clean stock 100? (So-Cal)

    I am trying to get rid of my semi-built, 3x locked 80 series to buy a clean low mileage stock-ish 100 series for my family. I have a baby coming in June to round out my family to 3 little girls and I'd like to get into a more practical family suv. I'm reaching out to local mud-ers for this, I'm...
  3. Motor007

    Wanted WTB 93-97 FZJ or LX

    Hi all, new to mud, and this is the first post. Wanting to join the LC/LX community ASAP by buying a rig! I am looking to buy a 93-97 LC or Lexus LX. I am located in Southern CA but will go to Vegas and surrounding areas. Let me know what is available. Thank you!! Brad
  4. badsamaritan

    For Sale Looking for pre '76 cruiser in So-Cal (LA / San Diego areas)

    I have cash in hand and I'm actively looking in all the usual places. Trying to find one in running / driving and in decent condition. Looking to stay in the 17k range. Thanks in advance--Mason
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