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  1. B

    Online vehicle scams

    I was really looking forward to joining this community. I spent weeks searching for an FJ62 and decided on a white one in Montgomery, AL for $9,000 with 177K miles and no rust. It was all a scam. I wired money to a shipping company's escrow account which is a legitimate account at Chase Bank...
  2. M

    For Sale  scam seller on facebook

    before you're tempted, this one's a scam- it's been on craigslist before as well. Toyota Land Cruiser v8 - Auto Parts - Holly Hill, Florida - Marketplace | Facebook
  3. cruiserjunktion

    craigslist  Scam alert Jacksonville Fla 2001 Lx470 only 101000 miles

    Mileage 85037 in 2010 87135 in 2011 82568 in 2015 85896 in 2016 I don’t believe the current seller has anything to do with the discrepancy.
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