1. B

    Remanufactured vs new

    I bought a 94 FZJ80. I was able to find a new short block and obviously have to get the top rebuilt. I also found a remanucater company that will use OEM parts. I get different opinions. What seems obvious to me is to go with the new. Other's say the remanufactured will last as long be less...
  2. DesertCruiser80

    Fuel Injector Servicing in AZ

    Does anyone have experience with AUS Injection in Mesa, AZ? Fuel Injector Services and Products I'm considering having them re-manufacture my injectors. I know WitchHunter Performance has rave reviews, but as of right now, they have a long turn around and they are far from me. If anybody has...
  3. Custer

    SOLD  SOLD -- 2F FJ60 Engine (Remanufactured Long Block)

    I am selling a 2F Remanufactured (Reman) Long block: Powertrain Direct description, “TOYOTA 2F COMP ENGINE 81-87. 4230CC. WITH AIR. WITH POWER STEERING. 8 BOLTS TOTAL FOR INTAKE & EXHAUST”. Long story short, I purchased an 85 Landy out of Billings MT two years ago, the cruiser had about 2k...
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