rear main seal

  1. Cravati

    Main Bearing Cap Sealant?

    Took off my oil pan and main bearing cap so I can get the rear main seal in and out without any issues. While looking at it, I noticed that the rear main seal will seal the output shaft and the oil pan gasket seals around the main bearing cap. The issue is there is a gap between the two which is...
  2. yodathegreen80

    Possible Rear Main Seal Leak

    Hi everyone, I am hoping to get a second opinion on a leak between the transmission and the engine. I have noticed the leak might be getting a little bit worse after I repaired the valve cover gasket and the distributor o-ring. The photos attached don't show much oil leaking because I wiped the...
  3. E

    Rear Main Seal Job - Any special steps after Tranny removal?

    Hey All, I am getting ready to swap a transmission into my 98' LX 470, I unfortunately was dealt a blow with the strawberry milkshake of death ( radiator failing and pulling coolant into the transmission) when I installed my purchase Denso unit a few months back. I have not written...
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