1. C123MS

    Wanted  02/80 FJ40 - OEM Radio ANY Condition (provided most of the parts are there) or Parts

    Looking for an OEM 1980 FJ40 radio in any condition. Honestly, I would prefer that it not work because I want it cheap, just want to use some of the parts (faceplate, nobs, buttons, and AM station back plate, and mounting bracket), and don't want to deprive the world of a working example. Would...
  2. Adagio

    Screw/Bolt type for the Stereo Bracket

    I have a 99 LX470, and during the install of a new aftermarket stereo, I lost the screws or bolts that connect the factory mounting brackets to the dash or vehicle chasis. I called the local Lexus dealership and they gave me the part number 9015350010, but since they are out of stock I cannot...
  3. B

    1998-2007 LC and LX470 12.1” Tesla style Radio

    Hello all. I set up a group buy for A PX6 12.1” Tesla style Radio that controls HVAC with a company based in Southern California, Rhino Radios. They’ve been very communicative and have provided amazing customer support thus far. I’ve seen many reviews from people that got these to work...
  4. alohamade

    For Sale  Toyota Radio- Fujitsu Ten Limited 86120-14421 12V

    Good condition Asking $50 + Shipping ( medium flat rate will probably be the best ($14))
  5. RenB

    Horn/radio won’t work and my signal fuse blows everytime I signal to the right

    Okay so it started with me driving and my signal stopped working. I checked my fuse and it’s blown and shortly after my radio no longer works and neither does my horn. I replaced the turn signal fuse and everytime I signal to the right it blows the fuse ! I’m certain I’ll need to look under the...
  6. Dustin Messina

    SOLD  Working FJ60 Factory Radio

    I have a working fj60 radio with pig tails in back. No face plate or mounting brackets. I have a video of it working however it was daylight and I didn’t not check back light on the display. I remember looking for one one these for a long time for one of these recently and saw crazy prices...
  7. zgarre

    For Sale  Kenwood Head Unit w/bezel fits FJ60 dash

    This is a working Kenwood KDC-BT562U head unit in excellent condition with a bezel to fit the dash opening in an FJ60 dash pad. There is nothing wrong with it, it was just removed from my truck and replaced with a $450 head unit as part of a JL audio upgrade. Originally cost $119.99 on...
  8. Boomdea

    Upgrading radio in a 2004 LC

    Hi, I just purchased a 2004 LC and I am so stoked! The only thing is I was wondering what others have done about upgrading the radio and getting things like sattelite radio and a usb port. Would love to hear what others have done. It looks like there is no after market option to replace the...
  9. Adam A

    Heater, gauges, and radio all stopped working! Help please!

    My 1978 fj40 radio (aftermarket) went out. Then I looked down and my gauges (oil, temp, fuel) were all going down to zero. The truck runs perfectly fine other than that. The first thing I did was check the fuses and the heater fuse was blown. I replaced that, checked all the other fuses with a...
  10. K

    Touch Screen Navigation Radio Help?

    I know this isn't LC or LX but, maybe someone here has had a similar issue because the radio looks like the radio in the 2006-2007 LX470? My college son's radio is not working on his Lexus 2010 ES350 with touch screen navigation and amplifier 86280-33170. The touchscreen is working fine...
  11. Connorham

    USA Spec BT45-Toy in 2002

    A little help from those who’ve done it. I just installed a BT45-Toy in my 2002 WITH navigation. All the music works great BUT I cannot get the hands free calling to work correctly with the microphone. The hear the caller through the speakers correctly but they cannot hear with the microphone...
  12. utahisrad

    For Sale  80 series CB/FM Antenna Mount for stock location

    Made by Trail Taylor, sells for $65 new will sell for $50 shipped. Antenna Mounts Ended up going a different direction, going to mount my CB on the back and do a regular fm/am in the front. Missing the small rubber washer. Here are the install instructions: » Antenna Mount Info...
  13. I

    Installed KENWOOD DDX8905s in 2001 LX and no audio

    Recently purchased an LX with questionable interior and malfunctioning/non-functioning radio. At first between the broken and antenna and broken volume knob I wasn’t giving much thought as to repairing it and rather upgrading the radio with a newer radio. After an 8 hour install (wiring...
  14. C

    Radio & Nav System inop

    I have an ‘03 LC with OEM Radio/nav System. About 3 weeks ago, I was in traffic and quickly hit the brakes. The CD I was listening to went almost completely quiet (could barely hear with volume all the way up and not driving). Today (in traffic again with a quick stop), the radio went dead and...
  15. Arcticredleg

    Intrument/dash/interior lights/radio not working

    Okay so my 1981 FJ40 interior lights aren't working, not an issue as long as I drive during daylight hours. I can't see the instrument panel to guess how fast my flying brick is going when driving. Here in Alaska in the winter, kinda need to see that stuff. Oh and the radio isn't working...
  16. SteveH

    For Sale  CO: AM radio knob - FJ40, pickup

    From an '83 Toyota pickup, but presumably fits other Toyota AM radios. Single knob with typical wear. $10 + shipping from 80908. Steve
  17. Nathan James

    Swap the radio from a 2013 to a 2011?

    I have a 2011 200 Series and I hate the current radio. It has the nav unit with bluetooth, DVD and reverse camera. The screen is too dim and the Bluetooth won't link to my iPhone X. The audio turns off when you put it in reverse. How stupid is that! There is no Aux port in my LC either so I'd...
  18. schiller2300

    Tesla Style Stereo Research - Landcruiser 2008-15

    I wanted to document this journey as I have recently rehomed my 80 series of 15 years to Mississippi and last month purchased Moira Rose - a 2008 Landcruiser here in Central Arkanas. I was very pleasantly surprised at how much the Landcruiser had in common with my almost 16 year her senior...
  19. yotadude520

    1980 Toyota Pickup Radio Options

    Hey guys! My 1980 Pickup has the stock radio in it but it doesn't work. I'd like to get some music going in that thing but I also don't want to cut up the dash - it's in way too nice of shape. Anybody know any radios that will fit in the slot without any cutting/modification? Also I may be...
  20. coxinha

    For Sale  [NY] Scion Head Unit T1808 (+ all parts for install)

    Bought all necessary parts in 2 months ago to replace my LX's original head unit with the Scion T1808, but haven't had time to do it, and would just rather sell everything to someone else who wants to do it now. Here is the main thread with all information: Definitive Scion HU into LX 450 setup...
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