1. B

    Help - Hj61 24v stereo/radio wiring diagram

    Hi guys. I am after a wiring diagram for a factory 24v stereo like the one in the photos below if anyone can help please? Have attached some other pics with what I am working with. Cheers Ben.
  2. krispykritter

    Late Model Amplifier Upgrade

    Hello all! After my three-day battle with my sound upgrade, I figured some of you might appreciate some of the information I've discovered. First off, this was attempted on a 2006 LX470 with Navigation and Mark Levinson audio. I researched this extensively before I dug in, but as it turns...
  3. SHREDwagon

    For Sale  AB, CAN - BJ42 24V AM Radio

    Great condition. Imported from Japan from a BJ41 as I couldn't find one locally for the BJ42. Only has AM, but otherwise OEM finish. Asking $300 OBO Also have an OEM dash panel (unmolested and rust-free) from a 1981 BJ42 for an additional $150, if needed. Trades: Wilcox G24 and/or J Arm
  4. patchagan

    DIY Nakamichi Head Unit 3.5mm (Aux) Install '98-02

    DIY Factory Nakamichi Head Unit 3.5mm Aux Install '98-02 (I think this is the same unit through 2002 but could be wrong). I really enjoy the factory look of my head unit in my '99 LX470 but have been frustrated by the low sound quality of my $2 FM radio adapter. I decided to figure out a way to...
  5. Stevenmjones144

    80 series comm issues

    Hey guys, I have a 1991 fj80 and I just installed a uniden CMX 760 CB and a Rago fab antenna mount topped with a 3' firestik antenna. It is mounted just above the passenger side tail light. I have tested continuity and everything seems fine, but i have an SWR reading of 2.5-3.5. I've done a...
  6. ChaserFJ60

    FJ60 Solutions Offerings

    View the tech thread here: Fj60 Solutions - Currently I only offer interior parts for the FJ60 and some FJ62. Use code IH8MUD for free shipping within the USA. All of these products can be purchased at FJ60 Solutions by FJ60Solutions on...
  7. ChaserFJ60

    Fj60 Solutions

    Reproduction bezel info here Fj60 Solutions - 3D printed Bezel. Reproduction bezel info here Fj60 Solutions - All offerings listed here...
  8. billiam

    VHF/UHF radios & programming?

    My '88 FJ62 came with VHF/UHF radios installed - Kenwood TK-780/880's. Original owner was Fire Marshall/Chief of Camano Island. It's programmed with channels for that area. I got the programming cable and software on Amazon. I'm hoping to program it and monitor SAR/Ski...
  9. jmphilion

    For Sale  FJ40 / FJ45 AM Radio unit with speaker (86120-35025) working

    Hi, i'm selling this unit.. Toyota FJ40 / FJ45 AM Radio unit with speaker (86120-35025) CR-261 working. Condition is Used, speaker is shot (paper has tears), Buttons and knobs works fine. No AM broadcast up here anymore, but it produces tuning sound. I have a auction still going, it ends soon...
  10. texasterminator

    AM/FM radio not working after BT-45 install

    After installing the BT-45 in my 100 series LX, the AM/FM radio buttons do not seem to function correctly. If I press FM it will simply stop the Bluetooth sound (CD) but power antenna does not deploy and no sound comes through. This is true for AM, as well. If I turn the tune knob, the power...
  11. C123MS

    Wanted  02/80 FJ40 - OEM Radio ANY Condition (provided most of the parts are there) or Parts

    Looking for an OEM 1980 FJ40 radio in any condition. Honestly, I would prefer that it not work because I want it cheap, just want to use some of the parts (faceplate, nobs, buttons, and AM station back plate, and mounting bracket), and don't want to deprive the world of a working example. Would...
  12. Adagio

    Screw/Bolt type for the Stereo Bracket

    I have a 99 LX470, and during the install of a new aftermarket stereo, I lost the screws or bolts that connect the factory mounting brackets to the dash or vehicle chasis. I called the local Lexus dealership and they gave me the part number 9015350010, but since they are out of stock I cannot...
  13. B

    1998-2007 LC and LX470 12.1” Tesla style Radio

    Hello all. I set up a group buy for A PX6 12.1” Tesla style Radio that controls HVAC with a company based in Southern California, Rhino Radios. They’ve been very communicative and have provided amazing customer support thus far. I’ve seen many reviews from people that got these to work...
  14. alohamade

    For Sale  Toyota Radio- Fujitsu Ten Limited 86120-14421 12V

    Good condition Asking $50 + Shipping ( medium flat rate will probably be the best ($14))
  15. RenB

    Horn/radio won’t work and my signal fuse blows everytime I signal to the right

    Okay so it started with me driving and my signal stopped working. I checked my fuse and it’s blown and shortly after my radio no longer works and neither does my horn. I replaced the turn signal fuse and everytime I signal to the right it blows the fuse ! I’m certain I’ll need to look under the...
  16. Dustin Messina

    SOLD  Working FJ60 Factory Radio

    I have a working fj60 radio with pig tails in back. No face plate or mounting brackets. I have a video of it working however it was daylight and I didn’t not check back light on the display. I remember looking for one one these for a long time for one of these recently and saw crazy prices...
  17. zgarre

    For Sale  Kenwood Head Unit w/bezel fits FJ60 dash

    This is a working Kenwood KDC-BT562U head unit in excellent condition with a bezel to fit the dash opening in an FJ60 dash pad. There is nothing wrong with it, it was just removed from my truck and replaced with a $450 head unit as part of a JL audio upgrade. Originally cost $119.99 on...
  18. Boomdea

    Upgrading radio in a 2004 LC

    Hi, I just purchased a 2004 LC and I am so stoked! The only thing is I was wondering what others have done about upgrading the radio and getting things like sattelite radio and a usb port. Would love to hear what others have done. It looks like there is no after market option to replace the...
  19. Adam A

    Heater, gauges, and radio all stopped working! Help please!

    My 1978 fj40 radio (aftermarket) went out. Then I looked down and my gauges (oil, temp, fuel) were all going down to zero. The truck runs perfectly fine other than that. The first thing I did was check the fuses and the heater fuse was blown. I replaced that, checked all the other fuses with a...
  20. K

    Touch Screen Navigation Radio Help?

    I know this isn't LC or LX but, maybe someone here has had a similar issue because the radio looks like the radio in the 2006-2007 LX470? My college son's radio is not working on his Lexus 2010 ES350 with touch screen navigation and amplifier 86280-33170. The touchscreen is working fine...
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