1. F

    The Geneveive Project - R151f for HZJ79 Question

    Hey everyone, long time reader and first time post-er. Love the site and I have a project I think I could contribute with but I'll need some help first. I've been searching the internet avidly for the past few months trying to figure out the most efficient way to swap my 2UZ into my FJ60, and...
  2. H

    5L swap into LN130 surf

    Hey guys, Fresh to diesels. I purchased my 2L-TE LN130 in October. Since then she has had a free flow exhaust and wound up the boost to 10psi to give her a bit more oomph. Sadly she was on her dying legs when I got her. So I sourced a 5L long block and did a lot of work. New pistons, valves...
  3. Godfather90

    Builds  Mike's 1978 FJ40 Turbo Diesel Refit Project and Cross Country Road Trip!

    Hello All, This Thread will contain two parts, one being the overview of the truck i just put together, and the other outlining my drive from New York back to California. Here's the Trip I have planned that starts next Friday (8/3/18) and continues (Hopefully) until 8/20/18: Its going to be...
  4. T1000

    For Sale  R151F w/ transfer case - Las Vegas

    Hello all. 10 years ago, I bought an R151F transmission w/transfer case to swap into my '90 4Runner. It came out of an '87 Turbo 4Runner. Unfortunately, I hydrolocked the engine a little bit later and had to get rid of the 4Runner. Didn't have the funds at the time to rebuild the 3VZE and it...
  5. 96TrailSurfer

    3rd Gen Surf Manual Swap Questions

    The A340F A/T in my KZN-185 is on the fritz, so I am thinking of doing a manual swap. There are a lot of write-ups for doing that on a 3rd gen 4runner, but I haven't yet found anything comprehensive for doing this on a Surf. The first, threshold question I am trying to figure out is can I mate...
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