5L swap into LN130 surf

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Apr 17, 2019
Hey guys,

Fresh to diesels. I purchased my 2L-TE LN130 in October.

Since then she has had a free flow exhaust and wound up the boost to 10psi to give her a bit more oomph. Sadly she was on her dying legs when I got her. So I sourced a 5L long block and did a lot of work. New pistons, valves, can, head, bearings, etc.

My plan is to run the CT20 from the 2L. I know that this is a common conversion but I have a few questions as I have read a few conflicting things in different forums.

1) can I run the factory 2lte flywheel and clutch to suit my r151f

2) I’m going to be running a mechanical fuel pump. I know I need a boost compensation valve. (Will use my 2L one) however I’m wanting some help with wiring. Glow plugs, fuel cut solenoid etc. wondering if I get rid of the entire efi worong and start fresh or do I cut out what’s needed etc.

3) how does the wiring work. Going from EFI to manual. I drowned the truck once and fried the ecu so not wanting it to happen again hence going manual.

If anyone can help It would be much appreciated.
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3) how does the wiring work.

Well usually all you need is a wire to a fuel cut solenoid to make them run and stop. Sometimes automatics are connected to the computer but if you have a manual trans, there is nothing to worry about.
It really depends on what your computer does, the more modern a vehicle is , the more things like tacho, idiot lights etc are likely to need it.

1) can I run the factory 2lte flywheel and clutch to suit my r151f
They have different part numbers but may still bolt up There might be a different bell housing with a different starter motor position. Sometimes slave cyls are on opposite sides or have different lengths etc.
What year and model is the 5L coming from

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