quarter panel

  1. aviafx

    SOLD WA - 60 Series Rear Cargo/Tailgate Cards

    Free! Decent-ish candidates for a rebuild, use the backing to make your own new templates, etc. Local pickup on Bainbridge Island, WA, don’t have a box for these currently. Hoping someone can use these.
  2. Dustin Messina

    SOLD FJ60 Rear Lower Quarter Patch Panels (Pair)

    I have a set of patch panels for a 60 series that are great for some rust repair. These are for the rear lower. They have just been sitting and in great shape. I can't find them for less than $350 plus a side. $500 shipped on these. Feel free to ask any questions.
  3. CruiserAL

    Rusty quarter panel bubbles

    Hey guys, I hate making a new thread but I couldn't find anything on this. So I noticed some paint bubbles (Not metal rust bubbles) forming when I first bought the truck when I pressed on them they had a rusty smelling and colored water come out of them (gross). I then sanded the quarter...
  4. bwalker16527

    For Sale Diamond plate quarter panel FJ40

    Used FJ40 polished aluminum diamond plate quarter panels. Good condition. $100 plus shipping.
  5. tgadd

    For Sale FJ60 FJ62 Wolf Steel rear quarter panel repair

  6. S

    Quarter panel fabrication

    i figured i'd post this because i've taken so much away from this site over the period of my never ending build. maybe something here can help someone. same old story: rusty '72, although not as bad as some, i decided it would be easier to replace the rockers and quarters as apposed to patching...
  7. bwalker16527

    Best 1974 FJ40 rear quarter panel patch?

    Who has the best rear quarter panel patch--CCOT, Real Steel Cruiser Parts or other? Any experience with these?
  8. JVZii

    Wanted 79+ FJ40 Quarter Panel Corner Patch

    I am looking for a pair of the corner patches for a 79 fj40. I just need the rear patch not the whole panel. If you have one or both drop me a line.

    Wits' End Accessory Mounting Quarter Panel- need input

    UPDATE: 6-22-2017 Okie dokie folks, I don't have 100% of the details worked out because I had a last minute idea I want to try and include. But I have enough info to set a price and start production within the next week or so. The new metal shop I've been working with has brought up a couple of...
  10. bwalker16527

    Rear sill and quarter panel patch cost estimate?

    What should I expect to pay for a rear sill and quarter panel patch job at a body shop? I have a clean 1974 FJ40 that needs the rear sill and quarter panel patch job done. Any info will be appreciated. Thanks.
  11. 40thSagePearl

    how bad is this rust ? 99 land cruiser rear qrtr panel

    my buddy just picked up this 1999 land cruiser and noticed this rust underneath the bottom of bumper lip.. how bad is this ? what caused this ? .. seems like a really weird spot .. possible rear sunroof drain ?... car is from north east but other rear side quarter panel is perfectly fine...
  12. E

    Am I crazy for spending this much on body work??

    Hey all, My '85 FJ60 is my daily driver. It was handed down to me from my parents who bought it back when they got married in '85. The ultimate goal is to get the truck back in (or close to) it's original shape. Mechanically, everything's in pretty good shape. Engine is healthy and all that. So...
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