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  1. M

    Wanted  1996 LX450 Owner's Manual

    If you have one, i'll buy it! thanks
  2. S

    For Sale  1991 Toyota Landcruiser Owners Manual with Supplements

    I have a an original 1991 Landcruiser Owners Manual in good condition and it also includes a 1991 Owners Guide as well as 2 Owners Guide supplements. $40 picked up in San Clemente, California or shipped USPS Priority for an extra $6 with Paypal Gift payment. As you may already know, these...
  3. shmukster

    For Sale  FJ60 owners manual and owners guide in PA

    Selling a very nice owners manual from an 86 FJ60. Included is the owners guide. Price $45 buyer pays shipping. Best to email me shmukter@pa.metrocast.net
  4. bwell

    Parting Out  1977 FJ40 Owners Manual

    Owners manual - Front cover isn't too bad, back cover has visible water damage from who knows when. Interior pages are decent shape, none are torn and all there. $150.00, obo shipping included, and only to lower 48 states.
  5. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  1996 FJ80 Land Cruiser Owners Manual

    SoCal This is not the Field Service Manual. This IS the manual that comes in the car when it is new. It is in very good condition. $28.78 including shipping in USA Pa
  6. 1973Guppie

    eBay  FJ55 Owners Manual

    please see here: FJ55 Toyota Landcruiser Owners Manual | eBay in good shape, some water stains, complete.
  7. T

    Wanted  FJ60: Flywheel Cover and Bolts / 83 Owner's Manual

    Looking for FJ60: Flywheel Cover / Bolts 1983 FJ60 Owner's Manual / Paperwork Thanks!
  8. shmukster

    Wanted  Wanted: owners manual for my 1990 HDJ81

    With my new (to me) 1990 HDJ81 came the original owners manual- in Japanese! Looking for an owners manual for a 1990 80 series, preferably covering the 1-HDT diesel engine and in English. I do have the Gregory service manual so I'm OK there. Anybody have anything out there? Best to email me...
  9. R

    For Sale  1996 Land Cruiser owners manual

    Owners manual only. Nice shape and complete. Free shipping CONUS. $25.00 PayvPal ok and preferred. Rick Hartt, Phoenix, Az
  10. lostmarbles

    Owner's Manual reference thread (40 and 55 series)

    Hi there. I've been thinking for some time now that we need a thread dedicated solely to the Owner's Manuals (OMs) that went with our vehicles when they were sold new. (Many owners wish to get the correct OM for the vehicle .. but how else will they know which one is applicable to their...
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