new 62 owner

  1. BHillteq

    Failed emissions, poor idle, high in hydro carbons, temp spikes

    Well, I finally bought my dream car! 1988 FJ62. She's a beaut, but she needs some love. I live in Salt Lake and I'm having a heck of time getting it to pass our super strict emissions. I know this is a very common occurrence for Cruiser owners, and I've used the nifty search tool quite...
  2. D

    New FJ62 Owner

    Hi everyone, New to the site and wanted to say hi. I recently purchased a 1989 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ62 to restore and this site has been such a good resource with all the issues that I've been facing. I love the FJ62, hoping that I will be able to fully restore the beauty.
  3. dffj6288

    Easy preventative maintenance for a noob 62 owner

    Hey there. I'm a new owner of an 88 fj62. She is in pretty decent condition has 151k engine runs pretty strong with good compression. Transmission shifts good as well. Interior is near perfect other than earthquake size cracks on the dash from spending years in Arizona and Nevada(found a new oem...
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