neutral safety switch

  1. Lil Green 80

    80 series stuck in neutral, won't drive.

    Hey there, I've recently bought a 96 gxl cruiser with part time 4wd. I was out 4wding the other week when I stopped to press the cdl switch I lost all drive, car would select all gears but would just rev. I've had the gearbox out and everything is fine. The actuator works perfectly but still...
  2. pkelly72

    Wanted Neutral safety switch 97

    Looking for a NSS for a 97 80 series. Send a pm or email
  3. pkelly72

    Wanted Neutral Safety Switch and harness 97 LX

    I'm looking for a NSS and complete harness for a 97LX. Like the picture below but harness needs to be complete, not cut.
  4. Bodda

    Nothing Works! RPM will not increase above 2000 in D

    A month ago, I took my Cruiser to a mechanic my local off-road club had recommended. He said that the fault was with my neutral safety switch. He pointed out that none of the dash gear indicator lights were working except R and L. He also pointed out that the R and L gears work properly. In 2...
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