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Jun 21, 2020
Vancouver, WA
Hello all,

I have been chasing issues associated with the P1780 code being thrown out. Exhausted all searches here on mud and completed the tasks they presented with. Hoping to get a direction to go from those who may have been there before me.

Here's what's going on: P1780 will come at random while driving or sometimes immediately when I put it into 2 or L. Zero cruise control and leading up to the codes being thrown I had intermittent issues with it. When in Low gear it will intermittently kick in and out of that gear. No issues starting and except for the burnt out D light all gear selector lights are on as they should be.

Zero corrosion in the connector housing to safety switch or connectors near firewall. Safety switch itself is 100% good to go too. I'm currently trying to work through the FSM troubleshooting, but I am a new to working with a multimeter so it's slow going.

Thoughts on this? Thanks.
I just had mine come on and it had to do with the alarm system. Someone mentioned on another thread about the relay in the alarm system potentially being the issue. I pulled my alarm out and the code went away and cruise control is back.

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