1. MRT Motorsports

    WARN WL Series LED Light Bar BLOWOUT Sale - Discontinued means cheap! USA Made

    Hey all, WARN is discontinuing their WL Series LED Light Bar Line. These light bars are Made in the USA by Rigid Industries for WARN. These are very similar to the original Rigid E series with a heavy duty WARN bezel. WARN offered a blow out price on them so I scooped up what I could. Price...
  2. travcaldwell

    Light Bar VS Headlight Kit

    I'm tired of the poor light quality my 80 puts out even with good bulbs and cleaning the original assembly. Looking for thoughts, preferences, and recommendations between installing a light bar or a new headlight assembly. I know that Rigid and Baja Designs are good when it comes to the light...
  3. GWcruiser

    FJC Lightbar wiring route

    Anyone know or can point to the proper routing of wires for a rack mounted lightbar? Pretty clear the grommets allow wires to be run into and down the rack to channels in the roof, down a corner pillar under thr trim; but from there where do the OEM wires head? Into the engine compartment or...
  4. T

    Looking for a 20" Curved Lightbar

    I just pulled the trigger on a new bumper and I am looking for a 20" curved bar. The Zero Dark bar was the one I was going to pickup however they have apparently gone out of business. There are several models on Amazon, just not sure if any of them are worth while. Looking for a reputable...
  5. Javelin

    For Sale Black Oak LED 40 inch SR Lightbar Socal

    Selling my 40 inch single row light bar from black oak led. If you aren't familiar with these guys they make a great product and it's half the price of Rigid. Owned both rigid and Black oak and I can't see a difference in performance only in price. Link New - 40 Inch Single Row Series: Led...
  6. Sailing4x4

    Builds Robin the FZJ80 Build

    About a year ago I decided my old Volvo sedan wasn't helping me get to where I wanted to go or haul what I needed to haul (read: got a wheel in the air while going to a trailhead, no damage, but still not the best). Just so happened that a family friend was selling their FZJ80 for a good price...
  7. FixedIt

    eBay Rigid LED 20" light bar

    All, I've listed my Rigid Industries 20" LED light bar on eBay. I purchased it used on MUD but I never installed it. Great working order, real workhorse of a light bar in a compact form. rigid industries 20 led light bar Priced it at $449.
  8. sbman

    Costa Fabrications Front Bumper Install

    Thanks to one of our new custom fab vendors, @RDC76 , I received a new front bumper a few weeks ago. Finally had time to get it prepped, painted and installed. I was one in his first group of bumpers, so I think I have a very early one of his first run of 80 series bumpers. I asked him to do...
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