lexus land cruiser

  1. J

    2008 lx570 for sale

    Hi - looking to sell my 2008 Lexus LX570 with 134000miles. Very clean vehicle, no lights on dash. My personal vehicle and before me was owned by an mlb player. Stored winters or driven in nice climates only. I am located in east coast Canada, about an hr from border. This vehicle is originally a...
  2. L

    2004 LX 470- How to Value

    I think I found a beautiful 2004 LX 470, I've loves these vehicles since I was a kid, and am interested in purchasing... the miles are low 90K but asking price is high 19K. Looks like it is in GREAT shape. What should I be looking for, any issues...etc.? Also, what are some key points to...
  3. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  FJ80 Front axle housing (non locker), hubs, rotors 93-97

    Pasadena area. UPDATE 7/1/17 No knuckles or birfs are available, no third member. I have the long axle shaft, both hubs, rotors, ABS sensors. The smaller parts can be shipped, but the axle housing will cost more to ship than the housing. Driver Side Knuckle $75, NO passenger knuckles Long...
  4. NC BB80

    Reverse problem on 80 series.

    My 96' lx450 sometimes sputters when i put it in reverse and it has cut of one time when slowly backing down a hill. Anyone have this problem? thanks
  5. S

    For Sale  1996 Lexus LX450 Locked (BUILT) Socal

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Alright guys, having thoughts of moving on to the next project. I have here my trusty LX450 Land Cruiser with factory lockers. She's got 193k miles and runs awesome. I've put a ton of work into her. No problems, everything works. Condition: She has the normal desert pin...
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