1. Jakes40

    Christmas Tree Revenge!

    I can’t upload the video so here is a link to my Facebook wall. Chris Blowers Turn on the sound. It’s priceless!
  2. Gnarwgn

    Bulletproofing the backseat (for kids)

    Quick q for those hauling kids - Anybody find a great seat cover/solution that they would recommend? I have carseat/booster seats leaving tattoos on my backseat, and I need a better solution. I'm considering buying a dog cover and cutting holes for corresponding seat belts, but wondering if...
  3. slceso

    scouting for kids etc

    I dabbled in cubs and BSA a kid, but never really did it. I'm on my second cub troop and can't stand it for the usual reasons I'm sure everyone encounters: the constant fundraising, the unequal sharing of responsibilities, kids who don't give a s*** and are dragging the whole thing down but...
  4. roadstr6

    ONSC Kids

    Adulting isn't always easy but from what I've seen, ONSC parents have pretty much nailed it. Are you the parent of an awesome child? Here's a place to share your children's latest accomplishments or to talk about the things you enjoy doing together with your kids. I'll start: Nathan and Ava...
  5. mechanist

    Attic fan?

    I have rear facing carseats in my truck, and a third row. It gets hot back there and the rear-facing car seats get no airflow. Summer is coming, and the Carolinas are oppressive once the humidity and heat unify to overthrow humanity. In seeking to copy @jcardona1's attic setup it also seems...
  6. Bryanseye

    Kids and Cruisers

    I try to keep my kids from being pavement bound and a capable vehicle is a great way to get to more wild places. They are still too spazy for my liking to make good maintenance assistants but are getting better. I have to make up other tasks for them to become more involved and this weekend we...
  7. pbgbottle

    Update : goal achieved thanks:GoFundMe. (See picks) biggest soccer tournament of her life NAIG 2017

    UPDATE. UPDATE. Goal achieved tournament over thanks. Check pics if you like to see the gold medal Hey everyone not sure if this is aloud to be posted but I thought what the heck so here we go my daughter is looking to raise money to get herself to the North American Indigenous Games 2017...
  8. Bud

    Cruiser 100 Series - Family Overland

    We have a family of 5. Age range 40 yrs old to 5 months old. With our three kids things get crazy and cluttered in the cab and thus start to drive the driver crazy. Hence the need for Organization. I'm not the best builder but I do enjoy it. With these incentives I hit the shop, as time allows...
  9. A

    Added Rear Seat Media Player LX/LC

    The rear seat entertainment center is cumbersome and with limited functionality, thanks to the inability to connect a USB drive or stick that will read movies, or give full selection control to the rear passengers. I found the following solution, for under $50, which works perfectly. - Micca...
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