1. theglobb

    which injectors should I go with?

    My old 3B blew up and I got a new one, although it has higher Kms. My old 3B had the injectors rebuilt 60k miles ago so i figured I'd go ahead and swap them but they don't look nearly as good as the ones I pulled out of my new engine. I don't know much about injectors/how to tell when one is...
  2. 3

    2.2 Liter L, injector nozzle opening pressures?

    Hi, I have a 1983 Toyota pickup with the 2.2 liter L engine. I am curious about opening pressures for the injectors. I have sent the injectors off to be tested and rebuilt if necessary. The shops is saying that the tested pressures seem high. The Toyota manual for the L says the pressures should...
  3. athensrep

    Torque specs: H injector body

    Anyone know the torque specs for the actual body of the injectors? I took them apart and cleaned them up and I’m seeing some good info on the 2H, but not much on the H. Thanks!
  4. B

    HD-FTE stall low rev's

    Hello all. We have just pulled all of the intake system from the shut off butterfly to the head, it has all be cleaned. Injectors have been rebuilt by Diesel Care Toowoomba. Intake heater has been removed. After clean and rebuild. When decelerating and coming to a stop (in a manual) the engine...
  5. Jammo3

    For Sale ROTARY Injector pump

    G'day everyone, I have here a rotary injector pump off a 3B up for sale. Part no. 22100-55201 Located NSW Australia. Can ship at buyers expense. Looking at $750 Aud for injector pump. Can also add fuel lines and old injectors if needed for an extra $100 Aud. Ran perfectly when it came off no...
  6. GPainn

    GM 1993 Chevy Surburban wont start?

    I've replaced everything I could think of, new fuel pump, new fuel pump assembly, new fuel filter, new injectors, new connectors, rebuilt the throttle body. It's getting gas to the throttle body, just not starting? it seems as though something is happening in the throttle body that is not...
  7. Outono

    SOLD 1HDT Injectors

    6x 1HD-T injectors from a 1991 HDJ81. I had these injectors rebuilt less than 500 miles ago. I pulled them in search of a misfire in my engine that was present before and after the injectors were rebuilt. Decided to go with brand new ones (more than 2x the cost) since I am refurbishing most of...
  8. Col Monty

    Compression test for 1HD-FT in UK

    I'd like to have my 1HD-FT engine tested when I have it shipped back from Cape Town to the UK in the next few weeks, as I'm looking to sell it. There's a little black smoke but nothing crazy. It's done about 190k miles. Can anyone suggest somewhere in the UK where I could get it compression...
  9. bubfuji

    For Sale FJ62 Fuel Injectors (Toyota PN 23250-61010)

    I have a set of 6 Fuel injectors for the FJ62 (3FE Engine) or FJ80 with the 3FE . $60.00 for the set plus shipping. The injectors were cleaned and balanced by RC Engineering in Torrance, CA back in 2003 and then never installed. They are still in the plastic from RC Engineering. Toyota PN...
  10. LJ78MacNeil

    2LTE aftermarket injectors

    Just ordered a denso injector kit for my lj78 and was curious if anybody on here has any info on them. Wondering how much pressure they can handle and if they are reliable. Thanks, Ian
  11. sunrk

    Rough / odd idle behaviour with old 1HZ motor

    1hz motor in my 80 has a really rough/odd idle behaviour where it feels like one injector randomly doesn't fire at random intervals. The injector pump and injectors were replaced about 6 yrs ago. Never been touched since. I could replace injectors with a full set of brand new ones myself but I'm...
  12. M

    2UZ Injector Insulator Question

    Noticed injector insulators were looking questionable when I did starter contacts last weekend so ordered all new o-rings (90301-07024), grommets (90480-13005), and insulators (23291-41010) to freshen things up. I am not seeing where these insulators belong and or may have the wrong part as...
  13. R

    3b Motor struggling to start / Knocking noise and rough idle

    So i'm having a bad time starting my 1985 3b motor. It takes about 30 to 40 seconds of cranking and when it eventually starts there's a loud knocking noise from the motor but immediately stops. The idle speed and acceleration vibration is immense and does not ease even at temp. Also there's a...
  14. Postoy

    For Sale 2lte Injectors

    Rebuilt injectors (4) for a 2lte $250 CAD Located in Abbotsford B.C
  15. B

    Do these 3b injectors look right?

    Hi its my first time taking my 3b injectors out and i noticed all 4 have a little creator type divet around the pintle each one slightly different size from one another. The divet area inst concentric to the pintle either Is this supposed to be there or is it wear marks? Do i need all new...
  16. H

    SOLD Set of 6 1HDT injectors - USED

    These Injectors have SOLD! I have a set of 6 injectors (USED) for the 1HDT engine from our 1991 HDJ81 (Japan market, RHD) Land Cruiser that I am selling for $350, plus shipping costs. The injectors have NOT been tested, cleaned, or reconditioned. They are being sold 'as-is' in USED condition...
  17. workingdog

    Need suggestions on injectors

    I need to replace the injectors in my 2001-ish 6.0. Is it worth getting a flow matched set? Or should I just go down to NAPA and get a set. Peter
  18. landtank

    For Sale 1FZ-FE 4 hole denso injectors

    I have a set of 6 Denso 23250-70080 injectors. These are a 4 hole nozzle and rated at 304cc. I originally bought them to replace my stock injectors as the 4 hole design has been credited with better overall performance. I ended up moving to a 440cc injector instead. They were cleaned and flow...
  19. G

    Wanted 95-97 FZJ80 injectors

    Looking for a couple or set of GOOD injectors for a 95-97 Please send me a PM if you have some. Thanks!! Matt
  20. Leitrum3

    1HD-T Baselining - IP/Injectors

    Dealing with some smoke and high EGT issues on my recently installed 1HD-T (install is documented further here), I thought I would baseline some things to see if the issue would resolve itself. That, and I've been sorely disappointed by the performance of this thing. It doesn't really have much...
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