high pinion

  1. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  FJ80 - Front differential - High Pinion 8" 4.10 non locker

    NO SHIPPING SoCal $200 firm. Complete third members I have the rest of the axle and parts available.
  2. ArmyFJ

    SOLD  80 stock unlocked front diff (GA, USA)

    Front diff out of a 95 FZJ80 unlocked with stock 4.10 gears still in good working order. $100 + shipping or local pick up. (Columbus GA) Matt
  3. 4xsteve

    For Sale  OEM 4.10 gears

    I have a few used 4.10 ring and pinion sets I no longer need. I have at least two front sets from the 80 high-pinions, and I think two sets of rear Toyota V6 8", possibly three. $100 per set including shipping in the lower 48 from the Seattle, WA area.
  4. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  FJ80 1996 Front Axle Part out - Housing, Birfs, knuckles, ABS, hubs,etc

    SoCal I am parting out a front axle from a 1994, non locker FJ80. Very good condition. Birfields, $75 each (with shipping $88.90) Shipping extra on the following items: Housing $150 ABS Sensors $45 each ABS Harnesses $45 per side FRont Control Arms $60 pair - very bulky for shipping Rear Lower...
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