fuel pressure regulator

  1. PanchoLedezma

    Fuel Preasusure Gauge inside the motor, Done before?

    Hi bros!, I want to put this Gauge inside the motor, have anybody done this before? I'm thinking it goes over here... Any tips or ideas? Thanks for your thoughts in advanced
  2. cruiserhound

    Fuel Pressure Regulator Leaking

    I decided to replace my oem Fuel Pressure Regulator with a new Napa Echelin FPR. The parts are pretty much identical. So I got it all in place easy enough, put the original brass tab washers that you see in the picture back on and tightened the banjo bolt. I start the Cruiser ('91 3FE) and gas...
  3. J

    3FE FPR Location

    I'm having a hard time with this one- where is the fuel pressure regulator located on the 3FE? Also, what part can I replace it with? I read someone suggested Intermotor's FPR.
  4. SgtChase

    2FE conversion wont turn, Fuel problems

    I have a 1984 FJ60 and recently installed a fuel injection system from a 1988 Fj62 into it. everything with the computer seems to be working properly and no codes are showing. We installed a fuel pump (MSD) by the fuel tank and it's pumping out 70psi at the engine bay. The fuel stops at the fuel...
  5. Erassman

    For Sale Fuel Pressure Regulator FJ 60

    My FJ came with an NIB fuel pressure regulator, but its not necessary for my rig. Make an offer, not too concerned about price.
  6. J

    Intermittent No start after vehcile gets warm along with high idle at times and a Fuel smell from eh

    Hey I'm new to this form and Toyotas. I'm A GM master tech with 10 years experience. Don't know anything about a toyota. Just bought a 1988 fj62 that lived near the beach for 6 years so a little Rusty. Just bought it and I thought it ran good until 1 day after ownership it would not start...
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