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  1. SandShark

    Powder Coating in Maine/NH

    Anyone know of a place that can powder coat an FJ40 frame in Maine or NH? Will need full prep and coat (and a big oven) and I'll do the transport. Looking to spend less than $1,200 - expensive but, well, it's New England. Biz names or links help.
  2. Sparkman86

    Lucy the LC: 1969 FJ40 Rebuild: Downey Shackles? Check!

    I found this bucket of bolts about a year ago. I'd always wanted a fixer upper project car and boy did I get one! This 1969 build, '70 year model, had been sitting in Arizona for a while judging by the condition of it. It looked mostly original and was relatively rust free. The engine had a...
  3. Phot0

    Removing Tub From Chassis for a Frame off

    Hello there, its been a while since I last posted. I Started my fj40 project with an idea that went from simply doing the body work, dealing with the typical rust and stuff, to a complete frame off restomod, as I'm not looking for a complete original restoration. That being said, I'm now in...
  4. F

    Frame off order of operations

    What is the "order of operations" one should do to take apart a 1983 FJ60 for some major overhaul work ? I see the "major" jobs, the details of which I can search for in other threads, as : 1) removal of engine/tranny/front end 2) removal of axles 3) removal of frame from body If there are some...
  5. rampantwolf

    1998 TLC UZJ100 build log

    So I pulled the motor and tranny today. Back story: Picked up this 98 TLC with 157k miles on CL for $3k last week. Ad said a pulley was stuck and the battery didn't work. The wife wanted it out of the driveway. Turned out to be a frozen alternator. Took off the accessories belt and drove it up...
  6. U

    For Sale  Freshly Rebuilt 1969 FJ40 (dyno 2F, 4speed, power steering)

    Hi All - selling our project and getting something safer as a daily driver for mom and baby. Ad and description here: Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 Asking 35.9. Unfortunately, the creation price was far above that! Any questions, feel free to message or give me a call via the number on the ad.
  7. BretwithoneT

    BretwithoneT's '66 Frame Off Resto

    I bought this basket case from @mechag a few years ago and have made some progress, so it's time I start a thread. I have learned a bunch from lurking here for many years and since I've received so much help from so many already, I hope I can give a little back. Here's the history I know: The...
  8. S

    Frame off and naybe over my head!

    It started out as a simple repaint and has grown from there. I was comfortable with everything that has been done until I decided to have the body blasted. I am worried now about rust popping up in the crevices that are hard to get to. Are there any effective treatments which will prevent...
  9. W

    Frame Off Build

    We are in the process of doing a frame off Restoration on a 77 FJ 40 Cruiser and we are in need of some advice and parts location of the Rear Sill on the body, a wiring harness to be built I got in contact with one person and he can't have one ready until winter and any other pointers as far as...
  10. BTUMAN

    SOLD  1971 FJ45 Long Bed- Frame Off Restoration- 1 Owner- $62,900 OBO

    Complete Professional Restoration- Frame off, Nut and Bolt, bare metal. This 45 is literally like a brand new off the assembly line. Those of you who know me, know I only do things right and have had some of he most hard to find land cruisers in my collection over the years. This one is no...
  11. BTUMAN

    SOLD  1980 HJ45 Troopy- Full Frame Off Restoration- Left Hand Drive- Houston

    SOLD!- Full frame off restoration from Elite Land Cruisers and Export Cruiser Company. This is the ultimate cruiser and so fun to drive. I literally get followed and stopped by people from all over the world who live around me who affiliate with the Troopy. Shown by appointment only. See...
  12. U

    UValue's '69 FJ40 rebuild and restore

    I've followed along and learned a decent amount on this forum for a few years now. I figured it's probably time I start my own thread in case it could help someone else out. I'm far from a mechanic, though I know and learn enough to be perhaps be called proficient. The background: I...
  13. tweek99

    Curing cancer, 76 FJ40

    Hello all. I've been lurking on the site for a couple years since buying my 76 from a friend who decided he didn't want to spend the time and money on it. The 40 is a typical bone stock unit with smog garbage removed. It is mechanically very sound with the tightest steering I have ever felt...
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