fj40 wiring harness

  1. wngrog

    SOLD  1976 FJ40 wiring harness

    this is the complete front and rear wiring harness. Lots of the end connectors need to be replaced. It's in good condition overall. After having to replace sections of mine recently I understand the need for a complete harness so I took the time to remove it. $120 plus ship
  2. wildling

    Wanted  1980 or Later FJ40 Wiring Harness

    Looking to upgrade my '77 40 series with door switch courtesy lighting. Interested in finding 1980 or later wiring harness to swap in. Thanks!
  3. Judh8smud

    '65 FJ40 Electrical Issues/Wiring Harness Advice Needed.

    Hey y'all, it's Jud! I've been working on my '65 FJ40 and we're slowly making progress. We're experiencing engine trouble (as in, it won't start :cool:), thus, we've been ruling out a few things each week and so far we have replaced the following; 1. Ignition Coil 2. Starter/starter motor 3...
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