fj40 restoration

  1. rowdyatx

    1971 FJ40 Restoration in Austin

    Brought home the 1971 FJ40 a few days ago. The FJ motor was swapped 15 years ago with a Chevy 350 (GM 3970010......69-80...2 or 4) and has estimated 500 miles on motor/there are 49k miles on vehicle. I’m not sure when the truck was painted brown but its ”chipping” with white base coat. I plan to...
  2. D

    1977 Land Cruiser FJ40 Restoration

    Well after many years and my own budget restoration attempts, I've finally decided to get our 1977 FJ40 to a body shop for a real restoration. Here are the pics of what it looked like when I dropped it off...
  3. llukej

    Builds  1984 FJ40 Restoration In New Zealand #fj40_build_nz

    Hi everybody So I have spent the past 5 years looking for an old Fj to restore, Finally managed to get my hand on one last year!! Woo Hoo!! I have spent alot of time on this site looking at all of the FJ restoration threads and I can assure you all that I will not be spending as much money and...
  4. E

    For Sale  1974 FJ40 Restoration Project

    1974 FJ40 Restoration Project For Sale: All details are on the website I setup for it: SwitchItUp It is basically at the stage of sandblast good body, paint and mount to frame, everything else is done, 1F motor rebuilt, sand blast powder coating of everything is done. Runs great and you will...
  5. T

    1964 fj40 restoration need parts

    Hi, I'm from Indonesia.. Now I'm still restored my 1964 fj40 vacuum handle. But some original part is difficult to find in my country. Maybe if you have the second part of vacuum handle can text me. Thanks
  6. S

    looking for FJ40 restoration in Texas

    Hello folks, New FJ owner. Have a 79 that I am considering and looking for some restoration help. Any suggestions or recommendations of a shop in Texas? Im in the southeast area. TNX....
  7. D

    FJ40 frame CAD plans

    Hi guys, i'm Diego from Buenos Aires, Argentina, i'm new to the FJ world. A few months ago bought an FJ40 full body with hardtop and ambulance doors, now has been %100 sandblasted and painted with anti rust, waiting for the metal work. FJ40 are not seeing here, i think they will be no more...
  8. N

    For Sale  1974 FJ40 (Tampa, FL) Very Clean--Take A Look!

    1974 FJ40 (Tampa, FL) Very Clean--Take A Look! - - This FJ40 was Professionally Restored from the ground up - Full Body Off Restoration was done 11,800 proven driven miles ago. - FJ is garage kept. - Please note: Hardtop and Doors are INCLUDED in this auction. - Oil/Filter just...
  9. 78fj40mg

    1973 Toyota Land Cruiser project - no affiliation

    Seller: Has a lot of new parts that goes with jeep. Toyota : Land Cruiser Base
  10. C

    speedo gear missing??

    Hey guys, my speedo stopped working and chase it down to a missing gear inside the T-case. Not the removable pin gear but the gear that the removable sits into on the shaft. Does anyone know if is plastic or metal and can someone please post a diagram showing the shaft with the gear on there...
  11. Judh8smud

    '65 FJ40 Electrical Issues/Wiring Harness Advice Needed.

    Hey y'all, it's Jud! I've been working on my '65 FJ40 and we're slowly making progress. We're experiencing engine trouble (as in, it won't start :cool:), thus, we've been ruling out a few things each week and so far we have replaced the following; 1. Ignition Coil 2. Starter/starter motor 3...
  12. 78fj40mg

    For Sale  5 Tire and alloy wheel combo 31x10.5x15, Granite Falls, WA (SOLD)

    Up for sale are (5) Tire and alloy wheel combo in great condition that came off of my FJ40 ~$250.$200 Will be willing to ship if you make all pick up and payment arrangements, local pick up is even better. Size 31x10.5x15 Please PM me if you're interested . Thanks Unused spare Unused...
  13. N

    My Dads FJ40

    Hi guys hope everyones doing well! This is my first post to the forum and club house alike, so i have no idea how any of this works haha. I saw something to do with dues so please let me know if this post requires any sort of payment to the club house. If so, not a problem ill make it right...
  14. GRM

    Builds  Project Beach Cruiser | The 1971 FJ40 Patina RestoMod

    Project Beach Cruiser | The 1971 FJ40 Patina RestoMod I have always enjoyed driving from my house in Irvine down to Newport Beach for Saturday morning coffee. I usually drive my old '86 Toyota, but it doesn't seem to fit. I want a convertible classic. Since I'm a huge Toyota guy, the only...
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