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  1. E

    Cracked Manifold 78 FJ40 2F

    Doing a restoration on an FJ40 and just saw that the Manifold is cracked and I need to source a new one - preferably in really good shape as this is a really high end restoration job. Any suggestions or guides? The guy who rebuilt the engine 2F tried to cover this up on us using a strange apoxy...
  2. B

    For Sale FJ40 2f Intake/Exhaust Manifold

    I accidentally bought intake exhaust manifold for a 1975-1978 2f engine and not the 84' fj60 2f. Looking to sell this one will ship at your cost. Comes with Bolts and Carb Studs. Gaskets are removed and need replaced (but your probably doing this anyway if you have your cracked one off). No...
  3. JVZii

    For Sale [GA] FJ40 2F Headers

    As part of a restoration, I am going back to an OEM setup. There are a couple of pin holes and a bit of rust. $75 plus the ride.
  4. dlong4109

    For Sale 1978 FJ40

    For sale is a nice FJ40 Land Cruiser. This is a great running Land Cruiser that has the original Toyota 2F engine that has been rebuilt. It also has the original 4-speed manual transmission. Power steering has been installed. It has the Old Man Emu 4" lift kit with Black Diamond Shocks and a...
  5. Judh8smud

    Fuel in Oil Problemo! Need help troubleshooting.

    Well, I'm back on the forum with more problems as per the usual. ;) As an update for those who have been helping me out here on mud, THE FJ40 IS RUNNING! :cheers: Here's a picture of her for the sake of having pictures...pretty ain't she? haha SPECS: '76 2F Motor THE SCOOP: So the...
  6. S

    For Sale 1976 FJ40 Colorado Springs, CO

    Hello everyone! Yes, I did just join ih8mud and like many others. I've been lurking the living daylights out of this forum for quite a long time! Mainly the classifieds section as I'm on the prowl to replace my 2002 Golden Pearl 4Runner with a 4th Gen. So.... if you know anybody with a cream...
  7. Mtsvn

    Aussie FJ40: First Build

    Hey all! First time poster, but have been using this forum to prepare for my first FJ40 build. I have never undertaken a build like this and am excited about learning the along the way. I have known the previous owner of this FJ40 for about ten years now. The first time I ventured into his...
  8. yOHda

    For Sale 77 FJ40 Engine Trans Tcase

    Selling my 77 Engine Trans and Tcase. Approx. 140K. Still in vehicle. Can hear run. It was a good running motor for me, I just don't need it any more. Thanks. Columbus, Oh $700 740-975-2792 Kelvin
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