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  1. Harry205

    FJ40 Homemade GPS Digital Dash

    Hi everyone, thought this would be worth posting. This is my homemade GPS dashboard. Running custom android software using an old phone. It fits almost perfectly in place of the original speedometer and is wired to the accessories switch and turns on and off when key is turned. As it is a phone...
  2. N

    First Time Buyer - Requesting Advice (1977 FJ40)

    Hi All, First time poster (and buyer), but long time lurker. I've found a 1977 FJ40 that I'm very interested in, seller is asking $23k. I would plan to have a pre-purchase inspection conducted, but before I engage with the seller further, I wanted to poll the group to see if anyone has any...
  3. Labben

    For Sale Kansas City. 1975 FJ 40 . Original 15 inch steel rims. Set of 5

    I’m rebuilding my 1975 FJ 40 2F, and upgrading. Asking $350 obo Delivery is not included, buyers choice. Email me any questions. Thanks ! Working when I removed them
  4. coastalrepublic

    For Sale 2005 Lex Cruiser LX 470 retro custom Land Cruiser 100k miles

    2005 Lex Cruiser LX 470 retro custom Land Cruiser 100k miles! Rare grey interior in excellent shape with Tesla style stereo upgrade instead of the factory tape deck! This one of a kind cruiser has a clean carfax, no wrecks, and a new grey paint job. All the quality of a Lexus ie Sunroof, AHC...
  5. F

    SOLD 1973 FJ40 Built for Trail and Crawling

    This is a very capable off road Toyota FJ40 that is ready for overlanding and rock crawling. I built this rig with the intention of driving to the Rubicon Trail, wheeling the trail, and driving back home. There is rust in the back quarter panels that these FJ40's are known to have. There are...
  6. triley128

    SOLD Florida 1976/FJ/40

    1976 FJ40 with 350 chevy $14,000 Sadly, I don't use it enough to justify it Below replaced within last three years: -Gas tank -Brakes; fronts, rears, SS lines, master cylinder -Clutch -Clutch cylinder Comes with: -Soft top -Soft doors; half and full -Misc. parts for power steering (didnt do)...
  7. SlimerP98

    1964 FJ40 Gas Tank Woes/Options

    Hello again everyone! After struggling with fuel issues for a while and finding a bunch of junk in my fuel lines and filter, I decided to finally pull my gas tank. The previous owner said that they had the tank boiled out back in 2020 and there was a tag on the tank from the place that did it...
  8. IndySetter

    Wanted 1970 FJ40 steering wheel and front split bench seats

    Looking to put my 1970 FJ40 closer to its original shape. Need a split bench front seat and a steering wheel with horn assembly.
  9. E

    For Sale 1965 FJ40 in Atlanta, GA, Dealer Swap 327 V8

    Currently located in Atlanta, GA as of July 2020, I am selling my 1966 FJ40. It has been an Arizona car most of its life, bought new with a 327 V8 swap completed by the dealer. This is a one-owner Arizona title car with no accidents or bodywork. I believe the color is Coronado Beige. The patina...
  10. 2

    For Sale Tx 78 ish fj40 bib

    Builder condition with 3 rust perforations. Includes headlight buckets and hood latch. $145 plus actual freight from 79762
  11. C

    For Sale Gillette WY: 1968/ Toyota/ Land Cruiser

    Sad to let this awesome father son project go. This cruiser runs and all electrical is working! The odometer worked until I let it sit in the shop for 5 years while I was off at college, so there is an additional 4-5 miles not accounted for. All original minus the rims and mirrors, with minimal...
  12. foresteez

    What’s the worth of a 71 fj40 PTO winch

    I have a complete 71 fj40 PTO winch, I have everything including all the bolts and spacers with original chain and hook etc. I’m just curious as to what the market price would be for something like that?
  13. 1MAC

    Aloha from Las Vegas! 77 FJ40 Project

    The bug has bitten me again! I just bought a 77 FJ40 that was someone else’s project and never finished. My first 40 was an early 65, corrugated hardtop model with all the vintage features. Drum brakes, 3 on the tree, vacuum shift and a PTO winch. I had a great time and learned a lot in the...
  14. Dougiemo

    FJ40 rock sliders and exhaust reroute?

    I have a 1982 FJ40 diesel (with a 13BT engine) and I'd like to get some rock sliders on it so I can take it off road. However, the exhaust runs in the way of where the rockers would go on one side. Should I get the exhaust rerouted (I suspect the answer is "yes"), or is there a way to install...
  15. 66 FJ40 Landee

    Rear Aux Fuel Tank (tech help/parts/pictures)

    I have a TLCA-1 Aux fuel tank that was made by sunset metal fab and was/is sold by Vehicle Safety Supply. I have not had much luck from either company answering any questions. Is there anyone out there that has installation instructions, a parts list, and pictures of the tank installed...
  16. G

    High Beam Indicator Not Working FJ 40

    I tried searching for this answer/ information before posting so apologies in advance if I missed an existing thread. Long story short, I inherited a 1983 FJ 40 my Dad that he rebuilt while overseas. He did an awesome job but I can't get it to pass inspection or registered until I get the high...
  17. 66 FJ40 Landee

    SOLD $17,500 Tucson/Oro Valley AZ: 1966/Toyota/FJ40/SBC V-8 CONVERSION

    Selling my 1966 Hardtop FJ40 with Small Block Chevy 350 V8 conversion. AZ Vehicle since at least OCT 1984 Original color was tan. It was painted along The way during its life. Virtually a rust free vehicle. Surf rust on frame and a small amount on rear panel below split tailgate. 3 Speed manual...
  18. L

    For Sale Houston, TX 1965 FJ40

    Greetings all, Long time lurker, first time poster. Sadly, my first post is to sell my 1965 FJ 40. I'm asking $25,000. I'm posting here first before Craigslist or FB Marketplace. This site has been a wealth of knowledge to me. Here are the details: I live in Houston, but the FJ is here in Katy...
  19. FJAZ2

    SOLD 79 or later FJ40 knuckles for a disc brake swap - Houston TX

    I have a 1969 FJ40 and would like to swap the knuckles to 1979 or later FJ40 knuckles with all the parts needed to mount them to my axle (knuckles, caps, spindles, hubs etc.) Was thinking about buying a kit from, but I can't get them to even send me pics of the parts that...
  20. Cruiser804

    For Sale NoVA Misc FJ40, FZJ80 parts, some NOS OEM, some aftermarket

    Everything + shipping from 20171 Run Channel - Toyota (62755-60010) - New, 96 FZJ80, may fit other years, 65.00 PENDING SALE Tube, Front Brake (47314-60101) - NOS, FJ40, up to 01/79 does not fit my 3/79. Can send photos. 20.00 PENDING SALE SOR - Clutch master and slave cylinder rebuild kits...
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