1. Darb

    SOLD Fj40 new stainless brake line extension

    new unopened extended stainless steel brake lines from spectre off-road but I do not know for sure what year or if they are front or rear. Think it’s for 78 or 79 model.
  2. GlobalCrusier

    SOLD 80 Series Seat Extension Brackets

    LANDTANK - brand new, never installed, 80 Series Seat Extension. One Pair (2 seats). Give yourself and your passenger that extra leg room. Calgary,Alberta, Canada. $200 USD plus postage. Thanks
  3. Torq

    Awning Extension Mounting/Stowing and Usage

    I just got my Tepui Awning Extension and I haven't had a chance to unpack or mount it yet, but it's a little bulkier than I expected. Anybody have any pictures or videos of how they've mounted/stowed it and setup procedure and time? I plan to set it up at each camp spot for sleeping quarters...
  4. TheForger

    "MUST HAVE" breather extension fail guy is back with a surprise....

    I recently stumbled upon this guy's profile on Instagram and was surprised when I clicked on it. I saw that he plans to do a solid axle swap to his 100 series LC, swapping in salvaged front & rear 80 series axles w/lockers. I will let that sink in for a bit........Anyways, here's the video he...
  5. 65swb45

    For Sale FJ40, FJ45 Front shock tower extensions, CA

    This product has been around for over 15years, but has never been properly promoted by me. Originally designed by Downey and subsequently modified by me, the extension brackets allow for mounting a shock 5" longer than you otherwise could with the factory setup while still utilizing the stock...
  6. TurboTaco


    My GF bought me an extension for a THULE, but for a Canyon not a MOAB. Thus, I am asking if anyone has a MOAB Extension they'd like to let go to me. Let me know if you have one. My 100 series needs a fully extended rack.... Roof rack.
  7. Spaceballs

    4WD Shift Extender for 62

    Hello Mud, Anybody know where i can find a extension for my 4WD shifter? Thanks!
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