1. B

    Door weatherstrip install question

    I just replaced all the belt moldings on my '96 fzj80. I'm now looking at replacing the weatherstripping (seals) around all 4 doors. I noticed that the strips run behind one of the arms on the door and in front of the hinge. Assuming I have to take all the doors off, is this going to be a pain...
  2. SirBarton

    Wanted  1975 FJ55 Driver Door Striker Latch Wanted

    I'm looking for a replacement Driver's Door latch regulator for my 1975 FJ55. If anyone has one they want to sell, let me know.
  3. Nathos

    For Sale  Charleston SC, Doors

    $290 for both. Pick up only
  4. mrjordann

    how to disassemble early FJ40 doors?

    Hi. I am trying to remove the top frame from the bottom part of my FJ40 doors. I removed all of the screws and the wing window mechanism, but it still will not come out. I think the window/crank is snagging. How do I remove this? Thank you
  5. James Madigan

    Wanted  Ambu Door lower rod link mechanism

    I need the lower driver door rod link mechanism the part with the spring and striker in it .Thanks
  6. Volcanic Iceberg

    Wanted  Lower ambulance door hinges

    Looking for a set of lower ambulance door hinges 1975-later. Thanks!
  7. dbcknghm

    For Sale  80's Series Landcruiser Body Parts

    Have the following and am trying to clean up ...from a 91 HDJ80 (small flares) in the southern US now in Winnipeg Canada...will ship, can crate the following: Not the original burgandy color code/paint outside and brown interiors. 204 612 2754.....dont check in here a lot so email or text...
  8. EddieDLO

    For Sale  SOR Fj40 door panels

    I purchased A while back and decided not to use these door panels. They are brand new from sor. I believe I also have all the clips. $60.00 not including shipping. Priced to sale. Located in Rancho Cucamonga. Ca. 50 mi outside LA. We can meet between Pasadena and Rancho Cucamonga
  9. Wncarper

    Pre-1974 door on post-1974 body

    Hi all, I’m new here and have tried to search this topic with no luck. I have an October 74 fj40 that I bought with a bestop softy and soft doors. I picked up a hard top and hard doors from a Facebook seller. The hard top went on without too much trouble but my doors, which are the two glass...
  10. SteveH

    For Sale  CO: '79-83 FJ40 Fuel filler fender section

    Price drop! Add another fuel door to your FJ40. Cut from a 1980 FJ40. I do not have the fuel door itself. Was on a Mustard truck, has been painted silver. Should be stripped before repainting. $25/obo + shipping from 80908. Steve
  11. CascadeCruisers

    For Sale  fj60 Doors and Hatch

    Selling all 4 doors and rear hatch for a 1983 fj60. Very, very minimal rust/bubbling on hatch around seal. Also have a rear bench seat, front grill, and steering wheel. Located in Bend, OR. I'll take a fair offer on any or all of it. 541-977-2822 - Sean
  12. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  FJ80Door Lock Actuators, Window Motors and Regulators ETC

    SoCal FJ80 for all 4 doors, and Many Tailgate Parts Shipping available Any and every part from FJ80 Doors including gaskets, handles and all. Please send Private Message with zip code for shipping estimate. If appropriate, include interior color. All Power Door Lock Parts, Electronics, ETC...
  13. dbcknghm

    Parting Out  80 Series body & Misc parts

    Have all 6 door/tail gate panels largely complete from an 80 series Landcruiser...very little rust though all panels do not have factory paint on them..... larger flares on pass door, one door has the mirror - missing on the other but glass n motor w hinges n is door panels - no speakers ...
  14. NovemberNoLast

    '76 FJ40 window channel/felt replacement

    in the very near future, i am going to replace all the channels/felts of both doors in my '76, I cannot take the rattling anymore (the temporary fix of inserting odor eaters between the doors and glass has worked but it's time to move on up). I've been reading thread after thread on this topic...
  15. T

    Remove door carpet from HDJ81

    I didn't find anything with a forum search regarding removing the carpet covering from the lower doors. Mine have already gotten a mud bath and i'm thinking i should probably get rid of the carpeting on the doors. Before I start removing it, I'd like to here for people have done this. Mainly if...
  16. KayyBaby

    Left front door handle part confusion

    TL;DR: Does anyone know if I can use (69220-60020-03) door handle on a 91 FJ80? Or why my special unicorn has a different exterior handle than every other FJ80 on the planet? My driver door is making a noise and seems to pull on one side more than the other when opening the exterior handle. So...
  17. HardCase

    Driver Side Door hinge is loose

    1979 FJ40 drivers door upper hinge has play in it. There is a slot the hinge goes in and it then bolts to a plate under the dash. It is above the fuses and hard to get to. It seems the plate has partially broke loose where it is welded and this lets the door sag. It looks to be extremely...
  18. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  FJ80 Window Regulators, Motors, switches, Door locks modules

    SoCal, Shipping available. Please send personal message and include year and which door. Master switch available for windows and door locks All door handles inside and out. No color choices. You can always paint these with Duplicolor exact match Toyota color spray paint
  19. mrjordann

    Wanted  FJ40 Kayline Soft Doors

    Hey, I am looking for a pair of soft doors for my 73 FJ40. Specifically the Kayline brand, the ones with two windows on each door. I want those specifically because I know that many doors don't fit with the factory hard top. I will obviously pay shipping. (I am on west coast US.) Please reply...
  20. Gnarwgn

    Exterior Door Trim/Molding Question

    experiencing an issue where the driver's side passenger door trim/molding (not sure exactly what this piece is called) has somehow popped out of its clips (I think). When you open the driver's side passenger door, it catches the driver's door and prevents me from fully opening the passenger...
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