1. O

    New vin cut key problems. Valet or Master blank.

    I received my 95 LC with keys that were badly worn and looked like a tooth pick. They only opened the front door to unlock and start the ignition(will it open hatch, passenger or glove box). I thought it was due to them being worn so got new keys cut by code/vin by a local lock smith and they...
  2. mccaleb77

    SOLD  Utah - early door pull set

    74 and earlier door pull set with screws $75.00 + shipping thanks, Mike
  3. mccaleb77

    For Sale  Utah - FJ40 FST Door Hinge Set

    SOLD Complete set of hinges for sale. $500 shipped. Located in Salt Lake City. Open to offers.
  4. L

    Wanted  VA: Looking For FJ62 / FJ60 Doors

    Mudders, I have been scouring this site every night for years looking for the perfect set of blue doors to no avail. I’ve got some rust creeping and now I’m just looking for any doors that are rust free in good condition. My passenger side is the worst (with front door having a hole in it) but...
  5. S

    LX470 passenger door issue

    Good day to all You may not want to take a drink because when you read this it may cause you to laugh so hard you spray the screen..... I was having the dreaded door lock issue ... so with the fine help of this forum I ordered the small replacement motors and started to replace them one by...
  6. B

    Driver's door weatherstrip leak

    Hi there, I have been trying to track down the reason for the carpet on the driver side of my LX450 been always wet after raining or washing it and after a long and thorough research, it looks like the door weatherstrip is the culprit. I only see water droplets inside, half way down the lateral...
  7. sunrk

    80 series door differences - powered fittings vs non-powered fittings

    Are 80 series doors that have manual windows/mirrors plus no central locking basically the same structurally as doors with electric windows/mirrors and central locking? That gives a lot more options to replace doors on my 80 if the skins are the same. That way I can take any door with a good...
  8. R

    For Sale  SoCal FJ60 Right Front Door

    For sale, FJ60 right front door with hardware, regulator, window, etc. clean no rust. $750
  9. grantmccaleb

    SOLD  UT: Beige Passenger Door

    I have a beige passenger door that’s in great shape only minor scratches with surface rust. Weatherstrip is practically new. I was told by the PO that he bought it from Marv Spector. Asking $350 +shipping.
  10. S

    For Sale  Beaufort, SC Ambulance Doors 79' FJ40 $1,000

    Pair of FJ40 Ambulance doors off of my 1979. Very good condition, PS door bottom does need some work or a patch. Includes everything in the photos, glass, door hardware, license plate mount. I will be removing the door lock (using on my new doors) and license plate. $1,500.00 located in Beaufort SC.
  11. tuckero23

    Doors interchangeable?

    Hi- wondering if 1963/64 doors will fit on 1962, I know in 63 they lengthened the chassis , parts availability on 62 and below is limited, and I think I would prefer the roll up type of window over the pull up type, i dono know. Thanks for the help
  12. B

    Door weatherstrip install question

    I just replaced all the belt moldings on my '96 fzj80. I'm now looking at replacing the weatherstripping (seals) around all 4 doors. I noticed that the strips run behind one of the arms on the door and in front of the hinge. Assuming I have to take all the doors off, is this going to be a pain...
  13. SirBarton

    Wanted  1975 FJ55 Driver Door Striker Latch Wanted

    I'm looking for a replacement Driver's Door latch regulator for my 1975 FJ55. If anyone has one they want to sell, let me know.
  14. Nathos

    For Sale  Charleston SC, Doors

    $290 for both. Pick up only
  15. mrjordann

    how to disassemble early FJ40 doors?

    Hi. I am trying to remove the top frame from the bottom part of my FJ40 doors. I removed all of the screws and the wing window mechanism, but it still will not come out. I think the window/crank is snagging. How do I remove this? Thank you
  16. James Madigan

    Wanted  Ambu Door lower rod link mechanism

    I need the lower driver door rod link mechanism the part with the spring and striker in it .Thanks
  17. Volcanic Iceberg

    Wanted  Lower ambulance door hinges

    Looking for a set of lower ambulance door hinges 1975-later. Thanks!
  18. dbcknghm

    For Sale  80's Series Landcruiser Body Parts

    Have the following and am trying to clean up ...from a 91 HDJ80 (small flares) in the southern US now in Winnipeg Canada...will ship, can crate the following: Not the original burgandy color code/paint outside and brown interiors. 204 612 2754.....dont check in here a lot so email or text...
  19. EddieDLO

    For Sale  SOR Fj40 door panels

    I purchased A while back and decided not to use these door panels. They are brand new from sor. I believe I also have all the clips. $60.00 not including shipping. Priced to sale. Located in Rancho Cucamonga. Ca. 50 mi outside LA. We can meet between Pasadena and Rancho Cucamonga
  20. Wncarper

    Pre-1974 door on post-1974 body

    Hi all, I’m new here and have tried to search this topic with no luck. I have an October 74 fj40 that I bought with a bestop softy and soft doors. I picked up a hard top and hard doors from a Facebook seller. The hard top went on without too much trouble but my doors, which are the two glass...
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