1. kmart33

    aFe Power Momentum GT Cold Air Intake Group Buy

    ATTENTION GX460 OWNERS! aFe Momentum GT Cold Air Intake Group Buy: Complete the official registration form in the link below to participate in the aFe POWER Momentum GT Cold Air Intake package group buy for the 2010-2019 Lexus GX 460 with the 4.6L V8. Submit completed form and you will...
  2. RockAuto Discount Code for Parts & More - Expires July 7, 2017

    5% Discount Code: 6F8890B8A95B59 Expires: July 7, 2017 Please enter this code in the ‘How Did You Hear about Us’ box to receive the discount. Please enter ONLY the discount code, no other words or numbers. Please note that orders using discount codes must be placed online and the discount code...
  3. EasternYeti

    Orca Discount and Review

    Pulled the trigger on a tan ORCA 40 QT cooler. (Actually harassed the girlfriend for one, she's a keeper :hillbilly: ) For those that don't know these are Roto Molded coolers like yeti, made in the U.S.A As I went through this process i figured I'd enlighten some folks on MUD because this...
  4. B

    Any opinions on MB Wheels 352 (sold by discount tire)

    Would like to replace stock chrome Lexus GX 470 wheels... Anyone tried MB Wheels? Price is nice. (Too nice?)
  5. LittleRock80

    Landers Toyota 25% Discount

    Fellows, this was recently mentioned in a thread, but I just wanted to make sure everyone knew this discount was still alive and well. I've been using this perk heavily over the last few weeks for my junk and saved considerably-- 25% off and no shipping! A few tips: You must ask for the...
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