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  1. H

    SOLD Kalispell, MT: 1985 HJ60, JDM RHD 2H

    (Sale Pending) Priced to sell as my situation has changed. About to relocate and don’t have the time to begin a full rebuild or time to part it out; I could make far more than asking price even if I parted it but I hope someone wants a new project. I imported this truck from Japan 5 years ago...
  2. Ricktor

    For Sale HJ-60 Right hand drive. Built out. 157k miles

    I'm offering for sale my 1989 JDM HJ-60. Original paint. Build out was performed by Steve Jackson's crew at Land Cruisers Direct. Feel free to give him a call and ask about the condition of the truck. Here are a list of parts that are all present and in great working order. 2H 4.0L Diesel...
  3. J

    For Sale 1975 TOYOTA LANDCRUISER HJ45 DIESEL.. $30,000

    hi there selling my 1975 toyota landcruiser hj45 diesel.. 1975 toyota landcruiser HJ45 Diesel pickup. Similar to the FJ45 in style but with the diesel engine. All original "H" diesel engine matted "H41" resoration done yrs ago, runs strong. 4 speed manual transmission with granny first gear. the...
  4. K

    For Sale 1988 FJ62 converted to 2H Diesel, 3fe Engine, parts, and spare wheels SLC, Utah

    Hi There, I am the second owner of my 1988 FJ62. My uncle and I began converting it to a diesel with a Toyota 2H engine two years ago. This is a running project and I am selling as is. I would have loved to finisedh but life is going in a different direction. The interior is in good...
  5. J

    Kickdown setup

    Have recently taken out a 2h diesel motor out of a 85 manual cruiser and put it into another of same year but automatic, hunted everywhere to try work out where the kickdown bracket bolts up, any help please? Thanks
  6. T

    2H fuel supply/bleeding issues

    Hi all, A year or so ago I got my 2h rebuilt. Since putting it back in the car I have had no end of issues trying to get thing damned thing bled properly. I have not even been able to keep it running for longer than 20 minutes. I've been reading a lot of posts on here about bleeding and read...
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