1. Big028

    toyota denso winch 24v 38600 60070 Req for Info

    Hi there. 1st post. I bought a seemingly old winch from a garage sale..... it is a denso winch 24v 38600 60070. Not sure if it works but I would like to get some info on it and if possible a wiring diagram. Need this info to consider installing it in my V8 Hilux. I thank in advance anyone...
  2. B

    Buying TPS. Toyota genuine OEM or Denso?

    Hey Guys, Been having the same code come back after a few weeks and loosing throttle. Anyway I'm getting ready to get the part but trying to decide if I should go Toyota genuine OEM or Denso. I know Denso made the original but if this sensor is a problem does that mean buying an original...
  3. R

    2H Turbo Question.

    Hello all. I have a 1984 HJ47 with the 2H, and am considering the pros and cons of adding a turbo. This truck climbs like a Mountain Goat off road, but struggles up grades at highway speeds. All the discussions seem to focus on whether or not the 2H is capable of handling the boost. I think...
  4. R

    Denso 4701 IK16TT Iridium TT Spark Plug

    hi Can I install this ? my engine is 1fz-fe Denso 4701 IK16TT Iridium Spark Plug this have single side the stock come with two side The engine has a photo Says that does not install spark plug with single side
  5. Payara Offroad

    For Sale  LC 100 Denso key SOLD

    I have for sale a brand new Denso key for LC 100. Sold the cruiser and found that key in my drawer. Asking $12.00 plus shipping. SOLD. SOLD.
  6. landtank

    For Sale  1FZ-FE 4 hole denso injectors

    I have a set of 6 Denso 23250-70080 injectors. These are a 4 hole nozzle and rated at 304cc. I originally bought them to replace my stock injectors as the 4 hole design has been credited with better overall performance. I ended up moving to a 440cc injector instead. They were cleaned and flow...
  7. J

    AC Original Denso 10P17C

    Hi guys - only second post for me here. 1986 FJ62 GX I am just trying to replace my AC Compressor. I have an orginal Denso 10P17C and have tried to replace with a 10P15C but i can't make it fit. Does anyone know if there is an adaptor plate for the 10P15C? I think a lot of others came with...
  8. jzilla

    23 volt denso plug amperage draw?

    Running a momentary switch using the stock main relay and the 23 volt denso plugs for a 24 volt BJ 70. I ran a 10 gauge wire from the relay straight to the plugs as that is what the factory wire size looked like. But now I am wondering if that is large enough?? Was hoping to find the amperage...
  9. C

    For Sale  FJ62 Alternator, Denso Remanufactured, Never Installed 210-0153

    Purchased from Man A Fre but never installed. Denso Remanufactured Alternator. Mechanic thought I needed an alternator, turns out I did not. Have had part sitting in a box on a shelf. Price: $150. Firm. Seller pays shipping. Recommend flat rate USPS in box. Compatible with: 1990 Toyota...
  10. 90Cruzer

    For Sale  FJ62 Parts (Mirrors, Denso Alternator, MAF, misc. parts)

    Denso alternator- $200 Front side marker lights (Amber) - $10/each Passenger side rocker chrome trim (snake blinder) - $25 [Straight but has a couple dimples in chrome] Heater blower/fan motor - $40 Shifter handle - $25 Shifter handle (complete) with gear selector indicator housing - $75...
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