dana 60

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    For Sale  04 Tundra Double Cab Dana 60's

    The time has come to sell my Tundra. We are getting into heavier items to tow so it's time to step up to diesel. We purchased the truck in Arizona March of 2013. It was a 2wd which was fine by me since I knew it was going to get Dana 60s front and rear. Truck was stripped to the frame then the...
  2. ozcrusier

    Landcruiser Dana 60 diff

    These look good for you 79 owners Dana Performance for LandCruiser - Dana Performance
  3. Ali M

    Dana 60 is a beast on this Jeep

  4. Lil'John

    For Sale  Nor Cal: Offset Rear Dana 60 Axle

    SOLD I have a rear Dana 60 from an early Dodge truck. It has the HD center section casting. It is 60" WMS to WMS with all of the shortening coming on the passenger side. I will double check but I believe the spring pads are set to stock FJ40/FJ55 width. It is disc brake converted with 3/4 ton...
  5. mr jits

    Builds  Dirty Bastard

    So, for new folks, this went from being intended as a tube frame buggy to a 1971 FJ40 on tons and an LS. All the real good build stuff starts on page 3 and 4.
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