cooling fan

  1. Riviera

    Help!! Need part # for cooling fan relay connector

    I work at a new car dealership, but not a Toyota one. I've called 2 Toyota dealers trying to get the part number for the cooling fan relay electrical connector as mine is disintegrating. I've already got the relay. I guess it's a real pain to look up this connector and was hoping someone here...
  2. NeverGiveUpYota

    Reflowing Solder Points

    Carb cooling fan relay, emissions computer... I know there are folks who have done this. It would be cool to have a thread and eventual sticky for this tech option. @Cgbeachbum, didn't you do this? Anyone else? Granted I get it that this might simply be a diy from youtube, but to hear straight...
  3. rghouse

    thinking about going Alum Rad-3FE

    Hi Mudders, I am thinking about swapping out my stock rad with an Aluminum radiator being that I still cannot solve my cooling issues (idling A/C on in heat) and am scared to take trips involving traffic (HW 80 is off limits now). Can I get some feed back from owners (especially those running...
  4. 89GASHOG

    fj62 "carb" cooling fan

    Anyone delete this on their FJ62? Mine has only come on a few times during my ownership and I'm just wondering if it's worthwhile keeping, as removing would free up some room under the hood. I'm in the process of replacing fenders, so it'd be one less thing to put back. :D
  5. cruisermatt

    Wanted  3FE intake cooling fan sensor

    I looking for this bracket and sensor. I threw mine away a few years ago and want another.
  6. J

    For Sale  carb cooling fan

    '82 carb cooling fan that works. $75 OBO
  7. O

    Wanted  1997 LC aux cooling fan (Tx)

    Looking for the Auxiliary Cooling Fan for my 1997 LC. Thanks.
  8. P

    Nut size? - carb cooling fan ground wire to temp sensor bracket

    Can't seem to find this in any partslist online, so hoping someone knows the answer off-hand (before I start trial and error). Anyone know the size and type of nut that fits on the bolt where the carb cooling fan grounding wire is attached to the temp sensor bracket? '83 FJ60 if it matters...
  9. indy500driver

    FJ62 - Alternator output 14.7 not connected, 12.6 con, cooling fan activated by removal of Alt Cable

    Hello mudders, I am hoping that I can rely on the mud heads for some troubleshooting. I have a 1989 FJ62. I got the truck a month or so ago. The truck has some charging issues. I think there is a frozen relay, short, broken or dirty connection somewhere. I put in a new alternator but...
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