1. cruzerDave

    Powering Christmas Lights

    I have 12V Christmas lights coming that I want to put on my new shiny rack, and am looking for the easiest/quickest way to power them up. This can be temporary and hacky it's all good, I just have no time for a proper long-term solution at the moment. So what would you say is the...
  2. leucadiacruiser

    Beach N Toys Christmas Party 2015 - Saturday, December 12 at Dixon Lake

    :candycane::candycane::candycane::candycane::candycane::candycane:Beach N Toys Annual Christmas Party details::candycane::candycane::candycane::candycane::candycane: When: Saturday, December 12 from 2-duskish Where: Dixon Lake Campground, Escondido. There is an entry fee to the park. Potluck...
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