cargo barrier

  1. Jason hansen

    Cargo barrier

    Built a home made cargo barrier the other day. I had some leftover expanded metal and picked up 10' of 1" angle for the steel yard. Should have taken some pics when I was building it but I was in giter done mode.
  2. John E Davies

    Raingler 200 cargo barrier net compatible with side curtain airbags?

    2008 - Newer Toyota 200 Series Land Cruiser Lexus LX570 and Roraima Barrier Divider I emailed Raingler. I will post what they say. I wonder does the net break away at the top two attach points on each side, or what? The rings are steel. If the bag went off and the net did (or did not) move...

    Pet/Cargo Barrier

    Seems like things are coming to me in clusters of interest. @sschruff and I have a lot of the same ideas and were talking about a pet/cargo barrier for our 60s. We see quite a bit of interest in these and want to get some feedback on these. They would require some install mods from the...
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