1. Iamdave8383

    SOLD  Center Console for 85 FJ60. Redone with care. $40 You pay shipping.

    Put in a CCOT console, but i know these are still pretty popular. Cleaned the snot, boogers, old soda, hair, coins and gunk out of it, painted with OEM color and now it looks great. If anyone needs one,I've got one. Great shape.
  2. J

    Wanted  Brown FJ60 Or BJ60 Dash

    Am looking for a Brown FJ60 OR BJ60 original dash without cracks. My vehicle is a 1983 FJ60. If anyone has one let me know how much you want for it. Thanks in advance!
  3. Richfj60

    Where do you post interior stuff for sale?

    Sorry, I know its the wrong place for this, but not sure where to post, my stuff is not parting out and there isn't a interior section. I have a brand new complete interior kit- seat covers, door panels, and utility panels in brown (yellow striped fabric) $750 plus shipping OBO (there is a...
  4. cmcp0101

    SOLD  FJ62 Center Console Brown - San Diego, CA

    Brown center console with side square beverage holder. In good shape. Does not include switch for heater control unit. Asking $150 obo. Message me if interested. Can drop off in SoCal area. Center Console Open by cmcp0101 posted Sep 5, 2017 at 5:08 PMCenter Console Front by cmcp0101 posted Sep...
  5. cmcp0101

    For Sale  1989 FJ62 Front Driver and Passenger Seats - Brown, San Diego, CA

    Seats are in great shape. Drivers side has vinyl trim that is separating, but no fabric tears. See pics. Creases are from storing boxes on top and will come out. Asking $300 obo, prefer not to ship and can meet you in the SoCal area, or pick up in San Diego. Also selling the brown stock center...
  6. dpr64

    For Sale  Fj60 brown OEM seats in nice shape

    Selling a pair of FJ60 brown front seats in good shape.. Not torn and with good support still, also includes mounts/sliding rails. $460 for set plus shipping (disassembled in boxes weighing 38 lbs each 28x21x12) Fedex ground has the best deal. Email if interested: Located...
  7. WHB III

    For Sale  Pair of Driver/Pass FZJ80 Brown Houndstooth Seats

    I have a pair of FZJ80 Brown Houndstooth manual seats for sale. These are in excellent condition and will bolt right in to a FJ/FZJ/LX series truck. These are manual so no gears to constantly break and will give you an extra 1-2" in legroom. I am asking $750 shipped anywhere in the CONUS.
  8. C

    Wanted  Brown Grab Bar

    Hi MUD, I am looking for a brown grab bar that I can install on the passanger side dash. It's for a 1992 LC. PM me if you have one. Thanks, -A
  9. ProwlerDriver

    Wanted  80-84 FJ60 Brown Headrests

    Finally pieced together an FJ62 seatback in my 60, but i need the early 80s (80-84) brown color headrests. (post 84 is a darker brown) Also looking for the plastic locking trim pieces for them in the early 80s brown as well. PM me if you have some you would like to part with!
  10. gatormark91

    Dyeing brown door trim?

    My LC100 with oak/tan interior has the usual faded spot on the top of the brown door trim. I am having a rotten time finding any matching dye. I've tried product from two places that were supposed to match, but weren't even close. I'm $60 into this and not even close to getting this done...
  11. drew151

    Wanted  1988 FJ62 Horn Button, Horn Cover BROWN

    I don't need the whole steering wheel. Just the horn button or horn cover. 479-871-2470 text or call. Thanks!
  12. CaptHamster

    For Sale  FJ62 Front Seats Brown + Front Bumper End Caps, Los Angeles CA

    Hello all Selling the pair of front seats out of my 1990 FJ62 (pictures below). THE GOOD: - Both seats reupholstered and new bottom / back seat foam in approx. 2010 - No rips or tears in fabric (even the driver's side where they usually rip is in great shape!) - Recline / sliding functions...
  13. E

    For Sale  1998 LC Brown Steering Wheel $75+shipping

    In good shape. Some minor ware on th top and sides. Excellent shape for the age. Shipping from 80212, Denver CO.
  14. Deathvalleypaul

    SOLD  FJ80 Sunroof Moldings cocoa brown color

    SoCal 3 pieces available, good on both sides, not brittle, no cracking or issues. I am sorry to not have all 4 pieces, but as you all know, they break easy once they get brittle. Paypal OK. All 3 pieces including shipping $100.00, Each piece $35. shipping is $12.75 for 1 - 3 pieces...
  15. RustyNailJustin

    Wanted  Brown FJ60 left side seatbelt.

    Looking for a good condition left side seat belt, Brown. Going into a factory survivor 1984 60.
  16. repentsinner

    For Sale  FJ60 Front seat belt

    Front seat belt out of an 1984 FJ60, this one is brown. It was on the driver's side, but I don't believe these have a handed-ness until later? Belt is clean with minor wear at the edges, in great shape for its age. As used safety equipment this item obviously comes with no warranty/guarantee...
  17. tampacruiser95

    Paint to match brown 80 interior

    Someone posted recently about spray painting some of the plastic interior pieces on an 80. It was brown/tan and was a good match. Anyone know what I am talking about? Searched back several months and couldn't find it...
  18. Tuite

    For Sale  FJ62 Interior Cargo Panels Brown

    FJ62 cargo area panels for lap belt years. Brown and good condition with speaker cut outs $140 Prefer local pickup in Charlotte Nc
  19. Strand4x4

    For Sale  2nd Row Floor Mat 80 Series Oak/Brown LX450

    I have a very nice 2nd Row Rear Rear Floor Mat 80 Series or LX450 by Strand4x4 posted Jan 29, 2016 at 9:13 AMFloor Mat in Oak/Brown. This is OEM from a Lexus. $40 OBO plus $15 to ship.
  20. cwwfj60

    Wanted  fj60 tan seat fabric

    I'm looking for the tan seat fabric for 86 fj60, not 87+. It don't need the seat, cushion or frame, simply a decent cover upper or lower that I can cut apart to patch my driver's seat. If you have one that's torn up but has a piece big enough to run the length of the small driver's left side...
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