brake bleeding

  1. AndersonDin

    Brake wear sensor?

    This came off my right rear caliper, i have no idea where it goes or how to put it on.
  2. E

    HELP: Brake Bleed Conundrum with Dead Battery

    Hey Ya'll, I am in the process of bleeding the brakes on my Lx470, but I have a bit of a problem: The car has been sitting for such a long time that the battery died. As I understand many folks are bleeding their brakes with the ignition set to the "On" position, but for me to be able to do...
  3. Dizzy

    What is your must-have for a one-person, hydraulic bleeder tool?

    Vacuum, or pressure? I have no shop air. Teflon at bleeder nipple? Methods?
  4. Congo Cruiser

    Quick Confirmation on Bleeding Brakes...

    Greetings everyone! 1995 FZJ80 with 170K. I’ve found a number of threads and read the FSM on bleeding the brakes. Going to do so for the first time by myself (with a helper) next week. Would just like to confirm the order in which to bleed (don’t recall the FSM specifying the order)... 1)...
  5. PanchoLedezma

    A Simple 80's problem

    hi, i need help, i'm a do it my self kind of guy... I know this is old, but where is the LSPBV i need to flush the brake line, because i realized i was using DOT 5 for 2 years, and i just found out that is not meant to be used on an 80, so i need to flush all of the dot 5, and replace with DOT...
  6. J

    recommendations on a power bleeder for brake flush?

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a power bleeder tool for a 2003 LX470? Did a forum search and came across this, but it didn't seem to be conclusive: Motive Power Bleeder
  7. HDJdreams

    Brake Pad Riddle?

    I have had unimpressive brake performance for the last several years. I just went through my rear axle (which was leaking gear oil all over the drivers side) replacing bearings, seals, parking shoes, rotors, calipers (because one leaked as I pushed the piston back in), pads, and Slee...
  8. linuxgod

    Soft brakes

    Sorry for cross-posting, but I posted to the SQOD but didn't get any responses, and I'm trying to figure out an answer today. Tough Dog 2" lift completed yesterday. I have yet to get an alignment done. (it's scheduled for Tuesday) My mechanic's helper tore the CV boot when helping to pry out...
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