1. O

    Wanted  WANTED - BJ-42 (Massachusetts)

    Hello everyone, I’ve waited long enough and would finally like to purchase my dream car......a BJ-42!!! Please let me know what you have, and we’ll go from there. Not looking for a pristine one, I dont mind doing work on it. Just as long as its not all rust 🤢. I’m located in Massachusetts but...
  2. bpeeps00

    1979 BJ40 in Honduras

    About 9 months ago my dreams finally came true. I was able to find a really well kept 40, something I always wanted long before I ever even arrived here in Honduras 6 years ago. And better yet... diesel. Original motor. Odometer doesn’t work, but has around 250-300k miles. From one of the very...
  3. bpeeps00

    Wanted  License plate lights fj40

    aftermarket or OEM
  4. bpeeps00

    Wanted  40 dash knobs

    Looking for some dash knobs for a 79 BJ. Let me know what ya got thx
  5. ScottS

    For Sale  1978 BJ40 for sale in VA

    This isn’t mine. I am a friend of the owner of the company, but live on the other side of the country, so I have no special insight. 1978 Toyota BJ40 Land Cruiser
  6. bpeeps00

    BJ Parts Availablity in US

    are Most parts more or less easily available for BJ40s in the states at auto parts stores? What, if anything, is tougher to come across? Thx!!
  7. bpeeps00

    Thinking of buying my first 40... in Honduras

    I’m currently living in Honduras and found a nice 1980 BJ 40 for sale. I haven’t seen it personally yet but from the pictures and they seller’s description, everything looks really good. Engine running 100% (B engine), original interior, and from the looks of the pictures- no rust. He’s asking...
  8. Check out our inventory

    Check out our inventory

    If you want us to find your next Land Cruiser give us a call anytime. Visit to see our current inventory
  9. D

    Wanted  New to FJ world what should I go with a FJ or BJ40?

    Hi All, I'm a huge Toyota fan and have just convinced my wife of allowing us to have some fun with an FJ or BJ 40. Since I'm new to the forum I'd like to hear what you all think of each. I hear great things on both sides which is making my decision even harder. Please lend your input to help a...
  10. SandiaFJ40

    Wanted  BJ-40 Battery Box - Albuquerque, NM.

    Looking for a factory battery box for a BJ-40 (Driver's Side). I am in the process of a 3B-T conversion and this is one of the last things I need to finish up. Please send pics if you have them. I have cash in hand and I am ready to purchase. Thanks, SandiaFJ40
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