1. J

    Wanted  Anyone have a B, 3B Exhaust manifold

    Hello, Located in Florida, looking to temporarily ditch the turbo setup on my BJ60 and want an original exhaust manifold. Thanks,
  2. T

    Parting Out  Fj60 83 florida

    I recently purchased this 1983 fj60 going to use the drivetrain engine transmission transfer case for my 79 fj40 project everything else is up for grabs I also have a perfect condition fj60 Hood and about three sets of perfect rear doors and at least one set up perfect front doors and to some...
  3. 78BJ40CRZR

    Bj40 B to 3B engine swap

    I am having my mechanic install a "3B" engine in place of my "B" engine. He doesn't know how the accelerator cable and linkage is mounted. Does anyone have pictures they can share? Also, he had to drill the "B" motor mount brackets to make them work with the "3B" is that normal? Thanks for...
  4. modeststeve

    Toyota B Main Bearing Torque Specs

    Anyone out there have Main bearing torque specs for the early Toyota B engine? If I had hair I'd be pulling it out....
  5. Glennmerkel

    Parting Out  B engine

    Parting out the rest of the engine. This is the same one that was listed a few weeks ago in CO that has the cracked block. PM with your needs. I'll be able to get stuff shipped out within a day or 2 after pulling. If anyone is interested in the heavier items like the head or bellhousing, I got a...
  6. Mr Cimarron

    Wanted  B or 3B oil pan

    Im looking for a oil pan for my 77 BJ40 with B engine. I think a 3B pan would work but not sure. Thanks.
  7. AndrewHadji

    Troopy Lovers.... Mallee Ramble 2017

    Enjoy! We need to get something like this organized soon
  8. coldtaco

    Wanted  left hand lower B pillar for pickup

    left lower B pillar for a 85 -75 ute/pickup. 61508-90K00 or 61508-60020 Thanks.
  9. Aaroneous

    For Sale  Late model B Diesel for spare or parts

    ***SOLD*** Post-Aug 1980 B diesel removed because it suffered a coolant freeze and the block is cracked internally (confirmed). External parts and fueling / glow systems are fine, though. The oil cooler was just replaced. Clutch, pressure plate, and bell housing still attached. Make me an...
  10. N

    15b-ft - the b mystery

    Hi everyone, I have been searching mud, google, my local wreckers, and engine recyclers for info about the 15B-FT (note I am not interested in the FTE). The engine is listed in various places, but I cannot find official power/torque figures for it anywhere. I am looking for a 4 pot diesel...
  11. fjfjfj

    Wanted  AC WANTED "B" DIESEL / BJ40 1977 / 12 VOLT / LEFT HAND DRIVE

    Hello you guys, I need a complete AC / heater combo unit if anyone has one for sale. BJ40 1977, 12 volt, LEFT HAND DRIVE / ''B'' DIESEL.
  12. BSnBS747

    3FE - No CEL and no +12V @ B+

    It is time to beat another dead horse. Anyone with me? I hear its all the rage these days. Well, anyway, like the title says, I have been battling this problem for a while. I just cant seem to nail down what is causing it. It starting after I completed a head gasket job/desmog a few weeks ago...
  13. prerunner84

    Wanted  Brush guard for 1sr gen tundra

    looking for a brushguard/ grillguard for 1st gen tundra in the Florida pandhandle thanks
  14. pardion

    For Sale  [CA] FJ40/45 Hard top B pillars

    From a 40 hard top, saved them for someone with their own Soft top ideas, $25.00 plus shipping Please PM Thanks, John
  15. Hugh Jazz

    10A parasitic drain! ECU B

    Any idea where to start looking? Ten amp draw with everything off! Started pulling fuses to check and the B one inside seems to it. Small drop on taillight fuse to. Only thing I've noticed besides the dead battery after sitting a few days is that
  16. Aaroneous

    Glow plug rail power source

    Going to try to fire her up this weekend, but I'm confident it won't run without this issue being solved... :) The PO disconnected the power feed wire for the glow plugs, and I'm curious if there's a standard place it should source it's power. I was looking all over for a relay, but didn't see...
  17. Aaroneous

    '77 BJ40 B diesel suffered coolant freeze

    I'm new to the Toyota world (and the diesel world), but have been a long time shade-tree mechanic so I like to think I'm pretty competent. I took on a project for my cousins to get their '77 BJ40 kicking again in two stages... first, diagnose and repair the existing B motor and second, install a...
  18. L

    1977 Diesel 'B' High Fuel pressure pump question.

    Hello, I’ve been reading through some posts and am still in search of some assistance. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have a 1977 FJ 40, diesel motor (I believe it is the B model). I purchased this a couple years ago in Honduras and brought it back to the States with me. It was...
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