2f head

  1. Steve Abbott

    Possible head/piston combinations for '78 2F

    Hey all - I recently purchased a complete '78 2F engine to swap into my SBC powered '65 40. Unfortunately, the machine shop called the other day to tell me that the head has a crack in it and needed to be replaced. The head number I need is 61031 but I'm having a hard time finding a known good...
  2. R

    2f head bolts above exhaust??

    2f bolts?? by Rkbaseball posted Jul 27, 2017 at 10:00 PM Does anyone know what the bolts on the heads above the exhaust manifold are for? There is one bolt for each cylinder and they are directly above each exhaust port. They are circled in red Thanks!!
  3. A

    Help with 2F Head Identification!!!

    Just pulled my head from my blown 2f motor and sourced a replacement from Country Cruisers but once I got it off I noticed the valve chambers do not match. I have searched far and wide and cannot find the true answer to what I need. Please help!!! Pic is attached, replacement head is on left...
  4. want2wheel

    2f head gasket

    I have a 2f in a 1978 fj40 that was rebuilt by PO in 2012. The engine may have 100 miles on it. Now the oil is getting water in it. I am thinking pulling the head and redoing the head gasket and then go from there. What would you guys recommend? Thank You
  5. B

    Recommend 2F Machine Shops near Boise Idaho

    I pulled the head on my '85 2F with 275,000 miles to trouble shoot the source of my burning AF symptoms. I expected to find a cracked head, BUT no visible cracks, gasket is shot and valve job is needed at least. Lots of AF in the cylinders but no rust or severe damage to cylinders that I can...
  6. 60 toy ota

    For Sale 2FE leftovers ('84 2F) UT

    finally getting rid of the remains of my 2fe conversion. parts from a 1984 fj60 with 27x,xxx miles and a professional engine rebuild by Gordon Johnson 60k ago. pics to come. -2f head, strong runner. -2 sets of 2f manifolds and carbs. 1 spare from a year unknown fj60 with 133,xxx miles and was...
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