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    Shop truck & shop dawg. Both need washed.
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  3. MexicanNewby

    1962 FJ40 Questions (Wheels, shocks, tires)

    So I am COMPLETELY new to the FJ40 scene. I live n Mexico City and found an old 1963 FJ40 in Guadalajara, it had been sitting for 20+ years (photos as found here FJ40 1965). The good news: It started up! The bad news: I have no idea what I'm doing but do know I want to keep it as stock as...
  4. Matthew Deweese

    Wanted  Parts needed for 1962 FJ40 build

    New to this site. looking for some 1962 fj40 parts. im sure its going to be hard but giving it a shot. I need original front seats, dash switches, both front and back blinkers. door guts for passenger and maybe even driver side. I have all the body parts just need the misc stuff. Thanks for...
  5. Tank5

    For Sale  1962 FJ40 Factory Soft Top

    I just posted this in the Classified of the fj25 section. If you are looking for a unique vintage fj40 project check out the link below. For Sale - 1962 FJ40 Factory Soft Top
  6. Tank5

    For Sale  SOLD 1962 FJ40 Factory Soft Top ($2500 Time sensitive price drp)

    SOLD SOLD Limited time price drop to $2500 for just as it is pictured. I found some parts I would like to buy for another project and could use the cash to make that happen. $2500 is less than I have into it. If the other stuff sells then I will be back to asking what I paid for it. Back on...
  7. B

    1962 FJ45 SWB 'Toyoda' Build No. 12062

    Long time reader, first time joiner. Thanks for allowing me to be part of this amazing community. Here is my 1962 FJ45 SWB ute, build no. 12062 that came from Central Queensland. The current owners of the property were told about the ute when the property was purchased. It was located in a...
  8. kunzma

    For Sale  1962 FJ45 SWB

    1962 FJ45 Toyota Fixed Top Short Bed Pickup Wisconsin. Not mine. Vin 2-FJ45-12019, fixed top SWB. $10,000.00 asking price on Greenbay Craigslist.
  9. H

    Wanted  SEAT BELTS FOR MY 62 FJ40

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