105 series


    Hino W06ET / W06DT into 80 / 105 series Land Cruiser?

    Hi just wondering if its possible or if anyones ever fitted a HINO W06ET or W06DT into a Land Cruiser 80 / 105 Series? Thanks
  2. S

    105 Series Fz-Fe Loss of Power/ Fuel

    G’day, I’ve got a 105 series auto petrol I’ve had for a few months now and I’m really enjoying it. It’s having a problem with it running out of fuel/power when using the main-tank only. It’s happens anywhere between there being 38L to 18L of fuel left in the tank. Its running well apart from...
  3. S

    1Fz-fe new starter motor grinding noise at the end of a start

    Hi everyone, I got a 1998 1fz-fe 105 series with automatic transmission. I took it to the mechanic to get the alternator and the starter motor changed over the weekend. After I got my car back I immediately noticed that there was a grinding noise when I start the car. The grinding noise only...
  4. Kamran Khan

    105 Series 2005 Toyota Land Cruiser.

    Hello everyone! I live in Alaska and own an 80 series there but my second home is Pakistan and have recently bought 105 series bare bone Land Cruiser, regardless of whatever part of the world you live in, believe me Land Cruisers are not cheap. Specially here in Pakistan import duty of an...
  5. B


    Has anyone had much luck making decent power out of there 1hz wagons? I have a 12mm pump and currently have a turbo on the way and wondering what sort of power people are making at what boost and afr. Any help will be appreciated.
  6. Chrisher

    HZJ 105

    Hi everyone. I have an African spec HDJ 105 with an after market turbo. The car is quite heavy as it has TJM bumpers, Warn Winch, Safety devices roll cage and Expedition roof rack. I am looking to fit an intercooler for a bit more power and added reliability and also better cooling options for...
  7. Peru Darrell

    Change Plastic Radiator tanks to Aluminium?

    I have to replace my leaking copper/bronze radiator and already bought an OEM type aluminum core with plastic tanks. It is a 1998 105 model 1FZFE. Since I live overseas and labor is cheap, I have a guy who can take off the plastic tanks and replace them with aluminum, including changing all of...
  8. G

    For Sale  2006 Toyota landcruiser 105 series FJZ105

    Up for sale 2006 TLC FJZ105, runs excellent, 134,000 km. LHD, front and rear diff locks, sub fuel tank, OEM winch, dual spare tires. Everything is factory original on the truck. Vin: JTECJ09J305512131 Truck is in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, I will ship it worldwide. Its one of the last years...
  9. J

    105 series problem

    Hey...hope I can get some clues what to do to get my 1999 105 series landcruiser petrol and gas going properly. The issue is that when I run on pertol and accelerate from take off without forcing kick down it is very sluggish until it reaches 3,600 RPM then it takes off Running on gas is...
  10. E

    Transplant 4.2L 1HDFT on 105 (1HZ)

    Hello, I have a complete 1HDFT 24-valves with all the electronics and accesories surrounding the engine. I want trnsplant it into 2004 105 with 1HZ engine. A few questions: - Does somebody did it before? - What problems I should expect? - Does a menual gear will fit? Thanks
  11. Locked79

    Builds  Locked79's Build Thread. Vdj79 + Fzj105 = ?

    I thought I might start a thread detailing my latest project. This is to help people who might be thinking of doing the same and to try and nut out some of the problems I'm having. I'm not good at writing these kind of things so please bare with me. What I wanted was a solid axle vehicle with...
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