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    For Sale FJ80 Exhaust system for 1FZE 1993-1994 (NOT OTHER YEARS)

    Do you have the dual cats for a 93 available?
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    For Sale 1993 Engine, trans and transfercase

    Would you sell the catalytic converters separately?
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    Ultra cheap to good home LX450 Wheels and tires. New Bushings too. Karma, pay it forward

    I'll take them. Text and pm sent. Yes, you are a good person!
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    Anyone know what rims these are?

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    Pics of aftermarket real wood trim kits.

    Pics of both? I have a '93 and '07 with grey interiors, was thinking about the ebony zebra wood or dark burl wood for both vehicles from Wow trim.
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    07 LC Nav Screen Grainy

    Anyone else have this issue? All functions work perfectly, but the image is grainy. My wife's '05 Sienna and '13 Venza Nav screens are normal in appearance. Was always this way, and no change when I put in a newer map disk. Just wondering if this is normal.
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    Experience with E Bay rear spoiler ?!?

    Thanks for the reply. In their ebay listing, the first and third pic is the smaller version, seems like they have their pics mixed up.
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    Audio upgrade for the 21st century

    So which Pioneer speakers did you go with @RKTINC?
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    Experience with E Bay rear spoiler ?!?

    @DJCloz , what vendor did you purchase from on ebay, can't find wingtech painted abs plastic, if that's the one you used. Interested in the larger one like yours.
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    Started a conversation with Landtank.
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    LANDTANK GEN-IV MAF is finally ready

    Are you still planning one for the 93-94?
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    Builds Cincinnati LX Build and Adventure Thread

    LndXrsr, I'm just north of Cincinnati, I'm looking for the stock shield covering the Trans. Looks like you just replaced it, want to sell yours?
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    SOLD Colorado Springs, CO: FJ80 doors and tailgate

    Interested in the left rear door, any rust in the bottom seam, dents or dings, and are you willing to ship to 45005?
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    Removed the a3 red/blue wire from the plug at the drl relay under the hood without cutting, on my '07 today, took maybe 10 minutes, simple.
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