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    Wanted  WTB: 80 series ARB bullbar: Eastern NC

    Looking for a used ARB bullbar in the Eastern NC or surrounding areas. Willing to drive an hour or two.
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    Preparing to replace head gasket... What do I need? Where do I start?

    I just did the HG on my '94. It cost me $1,211.89 in parts (including $120 in machine work - head cleaned, checked for straightness, and skimmed). I am mechanically inclined (my daily for 10 years was a 1972 BMW that I never took to a shop - learned as I went, and it has paid off). It took me...
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    Drawer handles and carpet question That's where I got my latches from.
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    Parting Out 1995 FZJ80 OBD2 ENGINE PART-OUT

    Swamp Thing - Can I get a quote for the heater hard line (passenger side of block from heater to t-stat), and throttle cable bracket (vertical bracket next to hard line) shipped to 28540?
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    1994 Coolant Leak Near Firewall

    This turned out not to be a rear heater problem for me. It was leaking from the top brass connector pipe on the firewall (the one that goes from the front heater to the return coolant line on the block). It ended up having nothing to do with my rear heater, I just opted to bypass the rear heater...
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    Coating/Painting Wheel Wells.

    I've used brush-on truck bed liner in the past with good results.
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    1994 Coolant Leak Near Firewall

    Oh yes I’m well aware of both of them (who isn’t lol). And now kicking myself for not just doing the easy bypass when I replaced all the hoses and had everything apart.
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    1994 Coolant Leak Near Firewall

    Answered my own question. Got a chance to take a look at it while running. It’s the passenger side heater hose that runs from the firewall to the coolant tee. I guess the OEM clamp was more worn out than I thought. Since I have to remove the hose and replace the clamp, I’ll likely go ahead and...
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    1994 Coolant Leak Near Firewall

    This is going to be long: I’ve got a 1994 FZJ80. At the beginning of the month, I flushed the coolant, and changed most of the hoses (3 big ones, PHH, heater hoses and heater valve, and the rubber rear heater hoses in the engine bay on the passenger firewall). No issues until last night with...
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    SOLD CA: OME 861 & 862

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    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    Coolant flush and fill (filled with that sweet, red nectar of the Toyota gods of course), new rad hoses, heater valve, heater hoses (well, most of them), coolant tee, and PHH bypass from @NLXTACY . I got lucky and the PO had the PHH done at some point, so the hardline bracket was already broken...
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    For Sale Jacksonville, NC: FZJ80 Running Boards

    BTT and price drop to $50. I keep tripping over them in the garage.
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    For Sale  Jacksonville, NC: FZJ80 Running Boards

    Pulled the running boards off my ‘94. Hardware and front caps included (with the exception of one bolt that snapped in the body). Asking $150. Don’t want to ship, but willing to meet if needed.
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    For Sale 29 Palms/Joshua Tree: 1991 FJ80

    Truck is now sold. Thanks.
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    For Sale 29 Palms/Joshua Tree: 1991 FJ80

    Eastern NC, but I’m not driving it cross country.
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