For Sale 29 Palms/Joshua Tree: 1991 FJ80

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United States
Year: 1991
Engine: 3fe
Mileage: 210,563
Location: 29 Palms/Joshua Tree Area
Asking Price: $3,700 OBO
Title: Clean and in my name

Purchased this 1991 FJ80 from a gentlemen in Ontario, CA on April 26 of last year. According to him, I’m the third owner. The original owner lived in the Bay Area. It was purchased with 202,944 miles on it. The previous owner is a welder, and he made the front bumper. It’s stout, but nothing to write home about. I’ve put around 8k miles on it. Mileage will go up slightly because it is my daily.

I purchased it with no maintenance records besides the usual statement of “I’ve done regular maintenance.” I kept a mileage log of the maintenance I’ve done in the last year. That will come with the truck for your records. I also have the fender flares, a box of new OEM oil filters, an engine gasket kit that I purchased (just in case I needed one), and the smog equipment (PO de-smogged at some point).

I bought it with the intent of using it for camping/off roading with my family, which I did. I didn’t do any rock crawling in it, and it wasn’t wheeled hard by any means. I used it mostly up in Big Bear on the easier trails (lots of mud), and a couple times in Joshua Tree.

On to the details:

EXTERIOR: 5/10. Clear coat peeling on hood. Rear quarter panel damage on both sides from PO or original owner (minor, but should be noted; shown in photos). De-flared, but I have the flares and will include them in the sale. Stock roof rack removed and holes filled and painted over. Big roof rack included, and also has 4 PIAA lights that go on the front. Will be included with sale. Tires in good shape (31x10.5x15). Stock suspension. All lights work. Strong front bumper. Antenna broken. Frame is rust free (CA car it’s whole life).

INTERIOR: 7/10. Driver’s seat torn on the left bolster. Passenger seat in great condition. Rear seats in great condition. Carpets in great condition. Crack free dash. Missing top to center console, and missing carpet piece for tailgate. No third row seats. Stock toolkit intact. Heat is hot, and the a/c is colder than my wife’s 2012 XC90.

ENGINE: 8/10. Standard, reliable 3fe. Nothing special. De-smogged by PO. I have the smog equipment should you desire to re-smog. Car is currently registered in S.C. where we don’t have emissions so I didn’t reinstall it. Small oil leak from front of engine. Leaks maybe half a quart between oil changes. Runs smooth. I got 13.059 mpg on my last tank, so I’ve got that going for me. Which is nice. Starts right up. Runs cool (never above halfway mark, even in desert summers). Idles just above the 600rpm mark once it warms up.

DRIVETRAIN: 7/10. Clean, rust free. Slight wobble at 55-60mph, likely wheel bearings going bad. I’d like to rebuild the front axle just to do it (and to change the wheel bearings), but won’t have time with preparing for a cross-country move. Shifts smooth. Transfers from high to low range very easily. Center locker only. It takes 18” of snow to get it stuck (ask me how I know).

MAINTENANCE (by mileage):
- 203,118: New spark plugs, fixed vacuum leaks, adjusted idle (idled high after vacuum leaks fixed)
- 203,160: Oil change, 8qt Rotella 15w-40, OEM Toyota filter, front brake pads changed, new Denso O2 sensors, coolant flush and fill
- 203,187: New exhaust gaskets
- 203,260: Cleaned AFM
- 205,380: Trans fluid drain/fill (Valvoline ATF Maxlife dexmerc), f/r diff drain/fill (Valvoline 80w90 GL-5 gear oil), transfer case drain/fill (Valvoline 75w90 gear oil)
- 205,450: Drain/fill gear oil, new plug and washer, topped off/bled power steering pump
- 206,115: Charcoal canister changed (used Duralast alternative; still have original unit on shelf)
- 206,212: New valve cover gasket, “donut” seals, PCV valve and seal, throttle body gasket; tested TPS
- 206,911: Used OEM air intake hose installed (purchased from Mud; PO had cobbled together a PVC pipe air intake)
- 207,236: Oil change, 8qt Rotella 15w40, new OEM filter, new oil drain plug washer
- 207,698: New OEM lug nut (one was missing), new fusible link and junction block; all purchased from Wit’s End
- 207,732: Valve adjustment. Valve train appeared good/clean for having over 200k miles
- 208,052: New OEM plug wires from Cruiser Corps

WHY I’M SELLING: I’m selling because I’m moving cross-country this summer, and don’t want to drive two cars.

Price is negotiable. Make me an offer. The worst I’ll say is “no.” Please PM me if you’re interested. I know I live in the middle of nowhere, so I’m willing to drive a reasonable distance if youre serious (I’m not driving to you just to let you test drive it). He’s not the best looking rig around, but it walks that fine line between “reliable enough to get you to/from anywhere, but not too pretty to feel bad about scratching the paint.”





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Try craigslist, seems like the general public is more receptive to the 3FE's than MUdders. I just sold mine through facebook marketplace

I’ve got it on CL and Facebook marketplace. A lot of “is this still available” with no reply after I say yes. I just need the truck gone before I move cross country next week lol.

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