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    Scheel-Mann Seat Install

    I might email Toby and see if they have covers. They've done enough Land Rovers I imagine all those people fox hunting on estates must need covers too..
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    Scheel-Mann Seat Install

    Cloth wear is not bad. It wears a bit, but it still feels clean and rugged. I *have* Googled seat covers for them, which would be nice j.i.c. I have the Vario XXL driver's seat, it goes WAY back, and is accommodating, but I'm also 6'2", not 6'8" GIANT improvement over stock, esp with armrest...
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    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    fyi I found the issue via an old bookmark in my browser, it's Toyota Trails 2014 Sep/Oct, but it's not available anymore on unless you pay for the back-issues. I think I saved a .jpeg of the page on my laptop will check there
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    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    @36brua it's DIY. I saw the setup in an issue of Toyota Trails, I'll try to dig it up if you're interested
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    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    Went to Robert Moses State Park (NY) for an overnight and morning surf.. Also finally pulled together my Scepter pressurized water parts - and it worked! As did my cutting board tailgate p.s. - also changed oil Rotella 5W40, serviced winch, replaced some circuit breakers and fuses due to age
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    For Sale 1991 Toyota FJ80 LS3 Swap With Off Road Trailer

    Am drooling on my keyboard. Great spec 80 GLWS
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    show me your double din touch screen head unit radio upgrade

    x2 I recently replaced my steering wheel, but I would strongly consider replacing for steering wheel controls. anyone have any experience?
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    For Sale Houston Armored Toyota Land Cruiser

    I keep seeing BR6 level armored vehicles for sale this week..
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    For Sale FL Ft Lauderdale 1993 Land Cruiser

    so many questions..
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    For Sale MT 1997 FZJ80 Green Locked 114k

    Looks like a 40th for sure, the wheels as well. Also looks recently re-sprayed, so I suspect they removed the 40th badges while repainting - they're not that great anyway. Nice truck!
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    For Sale Park City - 1995 Icon/TLC Restored 80

    I don't think they are Icon wheels iirc. They seem to source a few things from random vendors, they were in the deflated Corvette engine 80 also (blue)
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    For Sale Park City - 1995 Icon/TLC Restored 80

    I dig the non-rain gutter Rhino Rack mounts - probably a TLC move and not a bolt-into-the-factory-slots process. I'd love to figure that one out.. Thanks for sharing, gorgeous rig that could get a high selling price, though not quite as customized as some of the other TLC 80s.
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    For Sale 97 landcruiser full built restoration

    Holy smokes nice build GLWS
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    For Sale Los Angeles 97 80 series

    if it's clean, it's a California 80 with lockers and nicely set up. seems like a decent price, and a fraction of what an owner will put into it ; )
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