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    Builds 1985 JDM 3B Engine Rebuild and Other Stories

    I have an almost new H151 RHD shifter if needed
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    Mystery part found in 3FE oil pan

    The assembly line must have been getting lazy in 1990, I found a new never mounted rear seat back mount in the rear lower quarter panel when i pulled my 1990 FJ62 apart to paint last year. It’s a little dusty
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    Project Wrong Way FJ60 Texas Trip:

    a new Blake’s Lotaburger just opened in El Paso, I stopped by there yesterday
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    Builds FZJ60 build

    Only have about 140 miles on it, so far the tires are great, smooth, quiet with great grip.
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    Builds FZJ60 build

    Testing the flex, stuffs good. Not maxed has a few more inches
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    Builds FZJ60 build

    Just putting some miles on
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    Wanted 93/94 Cat Heat Shield or Floor Insulator

    I should have it too, I’ll be back home this weekend to look
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    Builds FZJ60 build

    First impressions, rides fantastic, brakes are great and the caster feels spot on. Still waiting on SMS fabrics to correct the cloth I purchased 2 years ago. Once I receive the new cloth I’ll install my new OEM foam with 62 cloth inserts in 40th dark leather for the front seats. Still need to...
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    Builds FZJ60 build

    Running good!
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    Builds FZJ60 build

    Just added fuel, taking it for a spin.
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    Post pics of your body decals/stripes

    2018 GRJ
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    VDJ79 Sub Tank Not Switching Over

    I could use the wiring diagram too, please. Sending you a PM
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    anyone ever open up and clean/replace spring on the TPS?

    Yes,I saw no change in idle
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    Parting Out Virginia/ Washington DC 2 1988 fj62 Land Cruisers Part Out

    Looking for BOTH right lock actuators
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    Parting Out Virginia/ Washington DC 2 1988 fj62 Land Cruisers Part Out

    Both RH power lock actuators working good?
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