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    1hdt fuel mileage

    i get 26 US mpg pretty easily out of my 1HD FT.
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    For Sale  H151F

    Mileage unknown. Year, 1990/1993. Didn't whine when I drove the vehicle. Notchy on 2nd and 3rd. Inc shifters, transfer case and bellhousing. 2000 USD Inc port shipping. Can post door to door at extra cost.
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  7. 1hd t

    1hd t

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    Low idle at start, rises when warmed up :HDJ81

    I'm one of the few people in the world that doesn't hate the ACSD. I like the "choke" effect it gives. When mine started leaking I replaced it with a new one. I'm aware of issues some have had.
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    Builds 1-HDT rebuild - late 2019 start

    The compression test should give you an idea. Apparently overrun driving is important too. Does it smoke from the exhaust? What you have done doesn't sound horrific imo. Have you a video of the back pressure?
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    SOLD 1HD T

    Comes with PS pump, alternator, starter. no ac pump but has bracket.
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    SOLD  1HD T

    first part of a clear out im having on stuff ive had for a while. 1993 1HDT. 165000 miles. I had this from a enthusiast a good while ago. he had the motor for a project that never happened. it was given a "refresh" by the PO whilst on his engine stand. new taiho big end bearings. bores...
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    1hdtft fte top mounted intercoolers

    A bit fiddle to fit, as mentioned can make maintenance a little awkward. I had it powder coated for some corrosion resistance being in the UK. Shouldn't be a problem in texas.. It does work really well though. Speaking to cross-country on the phone I was promised It comes into its own on up...
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    1hdtft fte top mounted intercoolers

    It's the larger cross country from oz.
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