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    Anyone know how to get scratches out of clear plastic

    PlastX by Meguiars
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    Which Front Bumper Do You Have on your 200?

    Looks great , did you do the lift and ARB at the same time ? I’m in the process of putting together a order for my 2019 and figure do the ARB front lift at the same time instead of having to re do springs for the extra bumper weight .
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    Good thing gas is cheap, recent trip and very poor mileage towing

    I got a fuel fill up in the girlfriends Subaru from a Shell and had E85 in the 10% or less , her car normally got 28 MPG and she was getting 15 MPG , most stations reserve the right to put any gas as long as it meets the manufactures standards but they must buy the premium from manufacture ...
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    Good thing gas is cheap, recent trip and very poor mileage towing

    It’s amazing these SUV’s weight listed is 5815 lbs . The V8 is a Thirsty beast even with the 8 speed . Not sure what the diesels version but I would think better than the gas version . I have a buddy who want’s me to help him do a Cummins conversion to his LC , I don’t see the conversion worth...
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    Extended warranty and service - Which one?

    I did buy warranties in the past buying new but never used them , If you bought a GM , Ford , Dodge all are problematic ... I have only bought Tacoma / Tundra / 4Runner and my current new 2019 land Cruiser and did not purchase the extended warranty . As others have said if your doing any...
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    New Land Cruiser Shortages

    I picked my base leftover a few weeks before the whole Covid 19 thing exploded picked up a left over Base 2019 for 78k . At the time every dealer in eastern PA / NJ had the HE addition and could not move them . It’s city / sub driving everyone wants the 3rd row around here most of them used to...
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    Suburban Vs LC

    Even the 2017’s had problems with power windows and oil burning ... it was hit or miss on oil burning ring problems . For a while the ford excursion was the king especially with the 7.3 diesel . I also like the Sequoia over the Suburban ... had on buddy who leased his suburban said his wife had...
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    New Land Cruiser Shortages

    I was helping a buddy look for his next LC 200 , seems most dealers have a Heritage but Base models are more illusive to fined right now I seen in the Japanese times the Plant that produces the Land Cruiser has be plagued with shut downs due to Covid 19 . I’m in the PA / NJ area , have you guys...
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    Winter Tire Set

    I just ordered a set of the Duratrac’s yesterday , I know how good the BFG’s are but they have never been for me they have a weird tread pattern that dose not work for me . I do like the new Goodyear Duratracs and seem to have a good trac record .
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    Suburban Vs LC

    GM is suppose to make a new diesel but owning more than a few GM products Toyota durability even my brand new 3500 GMC Denali pickup quality is not as nice as my Land Cruiser . Only reason I up graded my tundra to GM was able to put 4K in the bed of the SRW truck with no problem . If Toyota...
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    Winter Tire Set

    Hey guys I have my 2015 Taco 4cyl 4x4 great truck intended purpose to keep the salt and slop off the Land Cruiser and other expensive trucks . I was luck to find a great low milage truck , I Por-15 coated the complete underside including body floor and wheel wells . Being in the northeast we...
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    Advice regarding rust on lc

    Thats not bad be glad you don’t live in the rust belt NE they apply salt by the inch and just destroys vehicles . You could coat the chassis , there is a lot of products out there but does not look terrible to me . I just finished coating my new beater Tacoma was a little worst than your pics ...
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    Vintage Style LC Badges on 200s

    I just did one badge so far but put mine on the left side
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    Any news on Gray 2021 Heritage Edition?

    Ironic the dealers could not move the Heritages in my area PA / NJ / NY pre Covid dealers were taking 8 to 10k off these when I was buying my base in Jan / FEB . I guess the market has changed . For me in my area having body side molding is huge for parking lots even if I park away from every...
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    anyone out there had a diesel swap done in their 200?

    I had a buddy do a Cummins 4bt still on going project , next time I’m at his shop I will snap a few pictures . I’m a diesel junkie so I would do a diesel swap but the 5.7 last forever and not cost effective as others pointed out .
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