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    Builds 1969 FJ40 named Mavis

    I believe that valve was a shutoff for the rear heater.
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    Vehicle pricing trend?

    The one issue right now is inflation. The FJ40 may very well go up because of the value of a dollar. The web has many "inflation calculators" but in this economy no one knows how it lands. The FJ40 always will be a legend and if one gets a good deal based on the sellers financial problems, then...
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    I have angered the Cruiser Gods

    Ignition switch.
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    Unknown lever under the steering column...

    Possibly a line lock for brakes. Years ago it was a way to keep the hydraulic brakes locked for whatever reason.
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    Knuckle centering...who has actually done it?

    Before you took the axle apart, did you reference and write down factory shim thickness as a reference ? The tool you are using is a great deal , but , when I did a rebuild I was very precise to see the outcome the factory did. Actually , 35 years after a rebuild and I believe the shims...
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    Normal Temperature at 70mph +/-

    I believe you are within engine temp range. Seems summer outside temps, high end of engine operation would heat a bit more. As you do less speed/rpm ,temp goes down. Seems normal.
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    Hand crank

    Youtube shows one with crank.
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    Need to find an early pair of windshield hinges for my 69 40

    I agree. What I did was soak, soak, and soak the pins with kroil for a few weeks. Then pushed them out with a hydraulic press. I still had to press a small way, them more kroil. The pins made it our and all was well.
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    Need to find an early pair of windshield hinges for my 69 40

    SOR has them.
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    FNG intro…..

    You now have found the best of the lot, FJ40.
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    Floor shift or three on the tree?

    Stay with the 3 on the tree. Reason is it is a timeless design.
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    No spark at coil

    Some people have had many issues with a faulty ignition switch. It provides reliable voltage to ignition and if it is worn out it can become intermittent.
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    Is this a 40?

    50K is a number that seems unreal for this FJ40. There are a lot in that price range in much better condition.
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    Fire extinguisher

    All I know is it is small and seems to extinguish a car fire. Seems all countries play word salad buy all I want is a fire extinguisher that will work and not take up as much room as the old metal ones.
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    Fire extinguisher

    True, but the fact that fires are usually put out pretty quickly allows one to have many elements vs. big, bulky tanks. I now have them all around , in case. They are great for security. I recycled the tank idea.
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