Removing Rhino Liner in Denver

Discussion in 'Paint and Body' started by 77cruiserguy, Aug 23, 2010.

  1. 77cruiserguy


    I bought a 1970 FJ40 body/frame that is in great shape but the PO rhino lined the entire body. I'd like to leave the coating on the underside/frame/bed but remove the liner from the "outside" so as to paint.

    Anyone have a suggestion on how to remove the liner myself? If not, any good recs for a good shop in Denver that can remove/paint back to the original Olive Brown/Green?
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    Middletown, DE
    I've removed it off of a 1985 toyota pickup bed. The PO had the lower half rhino lined and though the stuff is great on the interior of beds and floors I'm not a big fan of it on the exterior body. Anyway, all I did was use a heat gun to remove it. It came off in large rubbery sheets pretty easy. Was it applied over bare metal or over existing paint? On the 85 bed it was applied over the original paint and was poorly prepped. That might have helped in getting it off, but I think it can still be done easily even if it was correctly prepped.
  3. 77cruiserguy


    Thats a good call. I'll give the heat gun a shot in a relatively inconspicuous spot. Not sure of their prep but it looks like they did it right on top of the original paint. Thanks for the idea.

    I'd still take a rec on a good paint shop in Denver if anyone knows of one.
  4. Senor Aguas

    Senor Aguas

    I just used a propane torch (the kind that light with a trigger) and a craftsman gasket scraper on my bed. It worked well. It wasn't Rhino brand though. Probably cheap DIY stuff.

    If I were you, I'd be prepared for a lot of body work. There's no telling what's under that Rhino liner. You might think about it really hard before going through the effort of removing it.
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